Ace the GRE Verbal Sections with Cambridge Coaching's Vocabulary Hot List!

To ace the Verbal Sections of the GRE, the first and most important task is to build your command of vocabulary. To become a vocab whiz, you'll first need a comprehensive list of popular GRE vocabulary and second, you'll need a strategy.

Cambridge Coaching can help with our list of 5,000 popular GRE vocabulary words and some tips:

1) Download our GRE Vocabulary Hotlist.

2) Memorize words every day, review the words you haven’t nailed down every day. 

3) Use them in context with your friends even if it makes you seem supercilious.  

Even if you don’t use a GRE tutor, push yourself to learn as many words as you can and spend 30 minute to an hour building vocabulary every day. Get started today.