Rational Actors

Need a quick answer? We can definitely help.

Here's why we can answer almost any question pertaining to an academic topic, standardized test, or admissions process:

  • Our tutors aren’t just people who did well in school.  They're mentors. They are professional linguists, economists, authors, physicists, lawyers, literary critics, mathematicians, chemists, and much more – and they care about sharing our knowledge with young minds.
  • They know their stuff better than anyone else. As PhD candidates in their fields, our tutors excel in their academic disciplines. Our standardized test tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on any standardized test they teach. 
  • We're made up of a team of cool dorks.  We don't hire dry, boring academics.  A great teacher needs personality as well as brains.  That's why we look for tutors who have fascinating pastimes and jobs. 
  • We are global. Our large, diverse team allows us to pair our clients with mentors who share their interests and backgrounds.

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