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SAT Reading: Which comes first? The passage or the question?

Posted by Alex S on 6/7/19 5:48 PM

It depends. I’m sorry, but it does.

There are essentially two opposing strategies for passage-based questions: read the passage first or read the questions first and consult the passage as the questions demand.

Probably the most widely advocated strategy is to split the difference, and to read the passage first, favoring speed over retention of details. Princeton Review, for instance, encourages you to “read what you need” without “getting mired down in all the little details.”

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What to Wear on Test Day (Seriously)

Posted by Alex S on 5/29/19 5:26 PM

[caption: Actually not a bad idea]

Advice for test day is easily doled out, and often hard to actually follow.

Don’t cram the night before. Sleep as much as you possibly can. Eat a real, but not heavy breakfast, with only as much caffeine as you normally have. These are your goals, at least.

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