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The Math Tutor: Of Watermelons, Problem Solving, and Gut Feelings

Posted by Entela Nako on 9/23/13 9:35 AM

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Chemistry Tutoring: Cooking with Moles

Posted by Entela Nako on 8/19/13 8:30 AM

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Biology Tutor: Mitosis and Meiosis-what’s the big deal?

Posted by Entela Nako on 8/3/13 6:59 AM

 If you have decided to study biology, at some point (probably sooner rather than later), you will have to learn about meiosis and mitosis. Some concepts in biology, you can learn about in an introductory course and you may never, ever have to face them again. Meiosis and mitosis are not these kinds of concepts.

Whatever you decide to do, as long as it involves biology, you will have to have a very good grasp on these concepts. You may not have to know the mechanistic details of all the steps of these divisions, but you will have to know what these kinds of cell divisions are and some basic information about them.

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Biology Tutor: The Genetics portion of the Biology SAT subject test

Posted by Entela Nako on 7/25/13 8:30 AM

If you have decided to take the Biology SAT subject test (either E or M), chances are you have thought about brushing up on your genetics/inheritance material. The biology subject test will definitely ask you some questions about these topics and you should be prepared to easily answer them.

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Standardized Test Preparation: The Biology Subject Test, E or M?

Posted by Entela Nako on 7/2/13 9:11 AM

Many high school students use the summer to prepare for the subject SAT test they will take in the fall.  For those of you preparing for the Biology SAT subject test, you need to make an important decision that will shape the way you study for the SAT test. Are you going to take the Biology E (Ecology) test or the Biology M (Molecular Biology) test?

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