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Part 3 of your law school guide: tips on the application

Posted by Jimmy B. on 6/14/19 5:43 PM

Do not apply to law schools that you do not actually want to attend.

It is particularly important for you to have non-reach schools that you are excited about. Sometimes students get so focused on their dream school that they don’t give enough thought to the schools to which they will probably be admitted. Relatedly, students should ideally go into the law school application process of a very real sense of the legal job market, and the difficulties getting high-paying corporate jobs can be from non T14 schools. Helping educate students on this can be an important part of your role.

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Part 2 of your law school guide: the application process

Posted by Jimmy B. on 6/12/19 6:18 PM


The LSAT and GPA

The LSAT, along with the GPA, are by far the most important elements of your profile. The good news (and bad news) about the GPA is that it’s usually outside of your control – you got the grades you got, and now you have to calibrate your admissions process based on those grades. Of course, if you’re still in college, make sure to keep up top grades in as many rigorous (and letter-graded) courses through your senior spring.

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Part 1 of your law school guide: before even beginning to study...

Posted by Jimmy B. on 6/10/19 6:53 PM

Applying to law school is scary – there’s no way around it. The process is arduous, the LSAT is a behemoth, and the end-game is expensive and rigorous. But law school is wonderful – challenging, meaningful, and exciting. Reminding yourself of why you are applying, what is motivating you to apply, can help you get through the year(s)-long process. Below is a brief, though hopefully comprehensive, guide to all things LSAT.

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The LSAT: Cracking Sufficient Assumption Questions

Posted by Jimmy B. on 7/20/18 6:14 PM

Many students find Sufficient Assumption questions to be among the most difficult on the LSAT. They are relatively with common, and students should expect 2-4 per exam. While they are not the most frequent question type, they tend to eat up a large amount of students’ time. However, with the right strategies, they become much easier to solve. Here are three examples, all from LSAT 70.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Law School Recommendations

Posted by Jimmy B. on 4/19/17 1:00 PM

In this blog post, Jimmy (one of our Harvard JDs) answers four frequently asked questions about the process for acquiring your letters of recommendation for a JD application. 

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LSAT LR: Solving the June 2007 exam, Section 3 Question 24

Posted by Jimmy B. on 8/3/16 7:00 PM

In this blog post, I’m going to be giving a brief introduction to the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT. While this lesson is geared toward the LSAT, the logic skills are useful in math, classical rhetoric and philosophy, and debate.

Today we’ll start with a little myth busting and a brief overview of the test. Then we’ll do a sample question: we’ll analyze the stimulus (the sentences before the actual question), the question itself (also known as the question stem), and the answer choices. We’ll conclude with some key takeaways.

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