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Planning Your MCAT Study Schedule

Posted by Nikita on 4/20/16 11:21 AM



One of the most daunting things about the MCAT is the sheer amount of material that is on the exam. At minimum, it covers the first year of intro classes for all of the sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), some advanced level coursework (Organic Chemistry - and many students now say they would like to take Biochemistry and Genetics as well), and then additional courses like Psychology. There is no way of getting around the fact that it is a LOT of material.

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How to Succeed in Pre-Med Lab Classes

Posted by Nikita on 3/23/16 9:30 AM

Nearly all of the science pre-med requirements (intro bio, intro chem, org, physics, sometimes biochem) come with an associated lab class that counts either for a significant portion of your class grade or for an entirely separate grade listed on your transcript. Regardless, it is just as important to succeed in these sections as it is in the exam portion of the class. Unfortunately, many students who excel at learning and applying the challenging concepts seen in lecture struggle with the hands-on aspect of lab-work. Here are some tips to help you do your best in the lab sections of all of your medical school prerequisites.

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When should you take the MCAT?

Posted by Nikita on 3/11/16 9:30 AM


As all pre-med students know, the MCAT is one of the biggest (and sometimes scariest!) hurdles on the way to medical school. It is also steeped in uncertainty -- how do you study? What score should I be aiming towards? When will I be ready to take it? 

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How to Make the Most of a Tutoring Session

Posted by Nikita on 2/29/16 9:30 AM

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