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Best Practices for Market Sizing for Case Interviews: Part 3

Posted by Ryan Ripp on 3/26/18 6:50 PM

So far in our series of Casing 101 blogs, we have reviewed structuring the problem via an initial framework and navigating case math. In this edition, we will cover another problem-solving exercise that is common in case interviews: market sizing. At first, market sizing may seem daunting – how can we possibly estimate the number of televisions sold annually in Boston, for example? But once you learn the technique and get comfortable making certain assumptions, you will find that it’s actually an area where well-prepared candidates can differentiate themselves.

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Four Best Practices for Performing Case Interview Math: Part 2

Posted by Ryan Ripp on 3/7/18 6:09 PM

When we last left off in this series of Casing 101 blogs, we had structured a detailed framework that broke the problem into its unit-level variables and presented it to the interviewer (see link here). But this is just the beginning. From here the interview will move into a series of problem solving exercises including math problems, interpretation of complicated charts and exhibits, and brainstorming exercises. 

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How to Prepare for Case Interviews: Part 1

Posted by Ryan Ripp on 2/9/18 3:47 PM

After all your preparation, it’s all come down to this moment. For months you have networked, practiced your “fit” stories, and done countless mock case interviews with friends. You sit down at the table with your interviewer and exchange introductions. Before you know it she says “let’s start the case” and proceeds to read you the interview prompt. What do you do next?

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