High School Academics: Signing up for SAT Subject Tests

Posted by College Corner on 2/22/13 10:58 AM

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As you put together your application for college admissions, your goal is to demonstrate how you are a stellar applicant, and good scores SAT Subject Tests (also known as SAT IIs) can do just that.

Demonstrating intellectual breadth or intellectual depth are great ways to differentiate yourself from other high school seniors. However, before you sign up for the 20 sat subject tests available, take a second to weight the costs and benefits of sitting for the tests and think about which test(s) will best showcase your academic excellence. When you're thinking about which subject tests to take, consider your academic strengths. 

If you’re strong across the board and feel comfortable in a variety of subjects, show breadth:

  • Does your application already demonstrate an interest in the sciences (chemistry, biology, physics)? Then, perhaps show off your linguistic skills with a French or Chinese test.
  • Do you excel in your humanities courses? Take a physics or mathematics test to show versatility.
  • Are you big on math? Sign up for the Literature test.

If you’re passionate about one discipline and wither at the thought of branching out, think ahead to your college major and show depth:

  • Planning to pursue a pre-med track? Take as many science subject tests as you can! 
  • Interested in an interdisciplinary major? Run the gamut and take a smattering of tests.
  • Committed to the Humanities? Take the history and literature SAT IIs.

As an SAT tutor, I can tell you that the most important consideration is whether you think you will do well on the subject test. If you think you will receive an average score on a test, then don’t waste your money or a perfectly lovely Saturday morning taking these exams.

Instead,  think about strengthening your application in another way - take on a community service role, pursue an extracurricular, or dive deep into your high school academics at school.

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