Language Tutoring for Business

If you are learning a new language for business, being able to speak confidently and clearly is paramount. With that in mind, Cambridge Coaching business packages are designed to fine-tune your oral skills by building knowledge that is industry-specific. We introduce content to prepare you for the real-world setting that is relevant to your business - be it a trade-show, industry conference, board room meeting, you name it! 

Our customized programs are ideal for students who are learning language:

  • to train for overseas relocation
  • to gain comfort reading and writing for business
  • to increase knowledge of industry terms
  • to build conversational fluency
  • to practice for an international conference

Getting Started

Before you even begin tutoring, we will schedule a language assessment with a Master tutor. During that meeting, we will diagnose your level, determine the most appropriate package for your goals, and of course, the best tutor for you! 

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