Learn Language through Cultural Exploration


Cambridge Coaching cultural workshops offer you an opportunity to explore the history and culture of your target language, while utilizing it in a real-world context.

Our Cultural Excursions are led by Cambridge Coaching tutors who introduce you to the multilingual venues or neighborhoods in your city through a variety of structured trips such as Cinema Nights, Urban Excursions or Food Tours. Our excursions are led in full immersion (with minimal translation); students are encouraged to leave English behind completely for the duration of the workshop.

Cambridge Coaching also offers Reading Groups for intermediate and advanced students. Our reading groups are led by Master’s and PhD students who are excited about sharing their passion for and mastery of literature with you. During weekly sessions, we discuss a novel or essay (specified ahead of time) in an intimate, small-group setting.

For students enrolled in an excursion or reading group, we encourage you to prep for the course by signing up for a Conversation Supplement.  These conversation supplements take place online between sessions to keep your target language on the tip of your tongue.

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