Language Tutoring for Enrichment


Our language tutorials encourage students to produce language—to speak from the start. We teach in small bits, slowly aggregating more complex grammatical concepts, tenses, and vocabulary over time.  

We have found that this approach is well-suited to students learning a language on their own. Why? Because  being able to speak confidently is probably one of your main goals! Our enrichment program is ideal for a student interested in learning: 

  • the nuts and bolts of a language for overseas travel 
  • casual vernacular to communicate with friends or colleagues
  • how to read your favorite books in the native language
  • a new language, just for fun!  

Remember that we can also customize a curriculum for total beginners, or advanced students; we'll design the program around your goals.

Getting Started

Before you even begin tutoring, we will schedule a language assessment with a Master tutor. During that meeting, we will diagnose your level, determine the most appropriate package for your goals, and of course, the best tutor for you! 

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