Learn more about our pre-law workshops!

Our workshops are the best way to prepare for law school. After graduating from college, many students are surprised when they get to law school and discover that the framework and workload is unlike their past academic experience. Our law school workshops are designed to prepare you for the expectations and rigor of law school, so that there are no surprises on day 1.

Workshop Description
Session 1: Introduction to Law School
This introductory session will provide the context for your legal studies. Law school involves several new terms and concepts, so we will begin with an overview of the United States legal structure and terminology. We will discuss all the major structural features about our legal system, so that you will understand these terms and their implications when they come up in your courses. 

Session 2: Classroom Metholodogy & Casework
In the next session, we introduce you to law schools' academic approach. Understanding both instructional and learning methods will help prepare you effectively for your courses, tests and assignments. The majority of this time will be dedicated to casework, the core focus of law school.

Once you have learned how to approach a case, we examine different approaches to briefing - the most common method students use to demonstrate their understanding of the case. We will review the pros and cons of book briefing, concise briefing, and detailed briefs. You will then put these skills to use by reading and briefing several cases.

Sessions 3-5: Sample Briefs & Analysis
We will carefully dissect your understanding of the case and your brief. You will speak about the case (as you will be required to do if you are cold-called) and compare your brief to sample briefs to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Each session will involve a more challenging reading and briefing assignment, so as to gradually build your briefing skills. 

Session 6: Outlining & Writing
Now that you have read several cases, we will discuss the process of communicating broader legal concepts through outlining. We willl discuss specifics such as different types of outlines, when to outline, and how to (and when not to) use commercial study guides. 

Session 7: Exam Preparation 
Law school exams are the most dreaded part of law school because a single exam determines your grade. This course will provide an overview of how to start preparing for these exams. We will discuss common strategies, so that you can begin exam preparation from day one.