Crucial Habits for Success on GRE Verbal

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 10/24/18 6:39 PM

I'm Andrew Jungclaus -- I've been a GRE tutor at Cambridge Coaching since 2012, and have tutored over 1000 hours, working with dozens of students to improve their scores. By day, I'm also a Ph.D. candidate in American religious history at Columbia University, so I am intimately familiar with putting in long hours to complete a major goal.  I actually just finished my comprehensives exams -- which required reading over 300 books in less than a year (!) -- and I promise I will not even ask you to do a tenth of that work on your path to acing the GRE.

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Logical Reasoning: A Brief Introduction to Question Types

Posted by Spencer on 10/19/18 5:26 PM

The following are some of the question types you will see on the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section. Again, there are often questions that appear that are not standard in the exam; however, the following types are the most common questions asked. They are (roughly) listed in order of frequency. 

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How to Get Started on the GRE Quant Section

Posted by Weike Wang on 10/17/18 5:43 PM

How do you feel about math?

Let’s take a minute to think about math and how we feel about it. Good memories or bad? Or both? If I were to draw an analogy about math and anything else, it would be a foreign language. You can’t forget what you learned in arithmetic and expect to do well in algebra, just like you can’t forget how to conjugate French verbs and expect to write a full sentence. Math requires a great foundation and, once that foundation is built, everything else comes after.  I am here to help you build that foundation. I am here to tell you that math isn’t supposed to be scary or cryptic or over your head and I’m not just saying this because I am a tutor, I am saying this because I have been there, staring at a problem and blanking, putting the pencil down, getting scared, when another second spent ‘braving the storm’ made all the difference.

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A Quick Introduction to Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) Programs

Posted by Aki on 10/15/18 7:06 PM

In the competitive world of medicine and medical schools, you should know that there are two types of medicine: allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO). Fundamentally, the two tracks are the same. Both MD and DO students will take the same medical classes, they'll undergo the same training, and their exams will cover the same information. At the end of four years, these students will become medical doctors with the same foundational education and abilities to treat patients. With that in mind, you must be wondering what makes osteopathic medicine different from allopathic medicine.

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Writing a Thesis and Topic Sentences in your Personal Statement

Posted by Martha C. on 10/10/18 5:51 PM

Every applicant who needs to write a personal statement for their high school, college, or graduate admissions struggles with structuring their personal statement.  It is hard enough to muster the courage to brainstorm your most salient life experiences on paper; now, the most important part is structuring your personal statement with your thesis and topic sentences.

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The Importance of Keeping it Simple: Clear and Concise Writing

Posted by Jennifer on 10/8/18 5:52 PM

When I was a high school AP Biology student, my teacher used to walk by my desk during multiple choice exams and whisper, “You didn’t really mean to circle B there, did you? Keep it simple.” He knew I was an overthinker. Instead of circling the simplest and most obvious answer—which I often knew to be the right one—I would overthink the question, until I’d talked myself in to a trick wrong answer.

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Cambridge Coaching Spotlight: Meet Danielle, Our New Client Manager!

Posted by Martha C. on 10/5/18 6:16 PM

This week, we're spotlighting Danielle, our newest client manager! 

Danielle graduated from Rutgers with a BA in English, a program very near and dear to my heart.  Fresh out of college, Danielle transitioned into the world of publishing, where she put her assisting skills to the test at Random House and Penguin.  She became a social media and marketing maven at Simon and Schuster before joining us at CC.  We feel deeply grateful to have her.

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Mastering the SAT Subject Tests, Easier Than You Think! – Spanish & Spanish with Listening

Posted by Alex O. on 10/1/18 9:30 AM

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? After a few years of Spanish classes and some committed preparation, you can show colleges your ability to understand the second most commonly spoken language in the world. Today we’ll discuss how to navigate the Spanish and the Spanish with Listening SAT Subject Tests. ¡Vámonos!

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How To Multiply Matrices Quickly and Correctly in Six Easy Steps

Posted by Jesse on 9/26/18 8:11 PM

Step 0  Make Sure the product makes sense!

Say we’re given two matrices A and B, where

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Mastering the SAT Subject Tests, Easier Than You Think! – French & French with Listening

Posted by Alex O. on 9/21/18 6:41 PM

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? Are you interested in taking the French or the French with Listening SAT Subject Tests? Today I’ll be writing about the intricacies of these two exams and how to master them without having to spend a few months in Paris. Allons-y! 

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