Language Tutoring for Test Preparation

Why Cambridge Coaching? 

We are test preparation veterans with years of experience preparing students for standardized language tests. We have worked with students on the SAT subject tests,  Advanced Placement exams, and language proficiency tests at the undergraduate or graduate level. 

We know what it takes to do well on a standard language test: 

  • broad grasp of vocabulary and usage
  • firm knowledge of basic idioms
  • strong command of grammar and syntax.

Standardized language exams often value grammatical concepts over oral ability. That's why the Cambridge Coaching approach emphasizes review of grammatical tenses and conjugation, and strengthen your reading comprehension and analytical reasoning skills.  We also integrate test strategy, study skills, and time management into any language tutorial.

Getting Started

Before you even begin tutoring, we will schedule a language assessment and consultation to better understand your goals for language tutoring. During that meeting, we will diagnose your level, determine the most appropriate package for your goals, and of course, the best tutor for you! 

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