High School Academics: Why are Advanced Placement classes important?

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 3/15/13 9:33 AM

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Standardized Test Prep: The SAT Subjects Tests vs. AP Exams

Posted by College Corner on 3/12/13 7:14 AM

In the spring, discussion of SAT subject tests and Advanced Placement exams is everywhere due to the masses of high school sophomores and juniors taking these tests. It’s common knowledge that these tests matter for college, but it’s not always clear how (and if) they impact the college admissions process, and what the differences really are.

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Study Skills: The Trick to a 5 on Any AP Test is…

Posted by College Corner on 3/11/13 9:11 AM

pacing!  It is so crucial to have a careful, measured plan of attack as a part of any standardized test prep regime.  But as a veteran AP tutor for high school students across New York, I can tell you that the key to success lies almost entirely in sticking to a well-organized, personally-tailored study schedule. 

Cambridge Coaching does a great job tailoring these preparation schedules to student strengths and weaknesses, but even if you’re just working from a Princeton Review, Kaplan, or College Board book, it’s the kind of thing that you can get started with on your own.  Now (early March) is the time to start organizing yourself for these monster May tests.  We all know that APs looks great on your college admissions application. So, whether you’re preparing for the AP Spanish, US History, Biology, or even Microeconomics, you’ll be well-served to keep in mind the following tips:

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Fitting AP Exams into your Schedule

Posted by College Corner on 2/28/13 9:19 AM

The spring can be a hectic time for high school sophomores or juniors. As an academic tutor, I have witnessed my students juggling several responsibilities from rigorous academic coursework, to extracurricular activities, to volunteer work, to jobs...to standardized test preparation.

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Chemistry Tutor: Approaching the AP Chemistry Exam

Posted by The Chemistry Lab on 1/30/13 9:25 AM

Over the last two years of your high school career you’re typically faced with an onslaught of standardized tests. While many of these, such as the SAT, ACT, or SAT II tests are required as part of your college application package, the AP exams are somewhat unique in that they can actually affect your college coursework by placing you into higher level courses. Perhaps not surprisingly then, the AP exams are among the hardest of the standardized tests you’ll take, and require a much greater depth of knowledge in order to succeed. Today we’ll take a look at the format of the AP Chemistry exam and go over some strategies to help guide you through it.

Exam Format:

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