GMAT Tutoring Approaches with Greg, Boston-based tutor

Posted by Kening Zhu on 1/15/16 9:30 AM

Meet Greg, Boston-based GMAT tutor!

This week we're spotlighting Boston-based GMAT tutor, Greg, who graduated with an MBA from MIT Sloan. He’s taught the GMAT extensively, as well as academic subjects such as Calculus, Statistics, Economics. He was an Intelligence Officer in the US Navy, and is currently working on a startup.

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GMAT Tips to Finally Get Over That Plateau!

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/28/15 11:00 AM

Have you reached a plateau?  These GMAT tips might be just what you need!

You’ve been studying for months and it seemed to be paying off at first.  You watched your practice GMAT test scores jump by 50, then 100, then maybe even 150 points, but you’re still short of the score you need to get into your dream MBA program.  Now, your projected score has reached a plateau and you’re understandably frustrated.  Don’t be!  Plateaus are fairly normal, and our GMAT Tips will help you figure it out if there's any room for improvement.  

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Does the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section Really Matter?

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/5/15 11:00 AM

If only the questions were this obvious...

The short answer?  Yes and No.  It depends on what types of school you’d like to be admitted to, how much time you have to study for the exam, and what you want to do after business school.  That said, the GMAT Integratd Reasoning section is definitely not as important as the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the exam.

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What GMAT/GRE Tutors Talk About on Dates

Posted by Emily Carmichael on 5/12/15 1:19 PM

Teachers in love.

I had been corresponding with Ty, an architect and math tutor based in Virginia, for a few months before we decided to meet up. Over the week he spent in New York, we had what resembled a single long conversation that digressed into philosophy, artificial intelligence, theory of mind, and, since we are both educators, test-taking. In case you need proof that GRE tutors sometimes like to really geek out over education: yes, I spent a good portion of what was essentially a first date talking about standardized tests.

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The GMAT Tutor: The 4 Costliest GMAT Prep Errors

Posted by Jason Shapiro on 3/30/15 11:00 AM

Don’t be the guy in the middle. Be the guy on the right.

I have worked as a private GMAT tutor in Boston for years now, and many of my students have asked for the secret path to success on the exam. I tell them it’s like the reverse of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina – All GMAT successes are successful in their own way, but all failures are alike. Below are five common approaches to studying that typically lead to unsatisfactory results.

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The Best Free GMAT Resources

Posted by Jason Shapiro on 3/16/15 10:25 AM

Free stuff is the best stuff.

The GMAT is expensive. Really expensive. The test alone is $250, and GMAT coaching can be more expensive. At Cambridge Coaching, we offer a range of options for our private GMAT tutoring in Boston, NYC, and online, so we can accommodate students on a budget. Our rates are among the lowest in the business, but even so, we try to save our clients money whenever we can. Fortunately, some of the best material out there for studying for the GMAT is free, so I wanted to take this time to share some resources that have helped countless students I have worked with succeed on the exam.

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The GMAT Tutor: Separating Fact from Fiction

Posted by Helena Fitzgerald on 2/4/15 4:13 PM

Some people who talk about the GMAT have been chugging this stuff. Don’t listen to them.

The GMAT, perhaps more than any other standardized test, creates a culture all its own around the test itself. Students hear about other students putting their lives on hold entirely to study, monk-like, for the test, barely eating or sleeping otherwise. There are more blog sites and google results trying to trick, game out, or parse, the scoring of the test than even for the LSAT. Meanwhile, unlike the MCAT or even the LSAT and GRE, the test material itself can feel like it has only a tenuous connection to business school or a business career, despite cursory references to corporations and the stock market in reading passages and word problems.

Because there’s so much enveloping chatter around the GMAT, I think that one of the most important things to do when embarking on a course of GMAT coaching is to dispel some myths, and try to separate useful fact from less-than-useful rumor.

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The GMAT Tutor: Beware of Unforced Errors on the Quantitative Section

Posted by Eric Lanser on 1/28/15 7:30 PM

 Trying very hard to avoid those unforced errors. 

In tennis, an unforced error is defined as a missed shot that a player should have made using only “ordinary effort.” In other words, the player missed an easy shot—probably because he was tense from the game! On the GMAT quantitative section, I define unforced errors any question (simple questions, usually) that the student could have easily gotten correct. As a GMAT data reasoning tutor in Manhattan, I’ve often run into this issue with my students. Today I’ll walk you through an example of an unforced error, in hopes that you’ll be more diligent with preventing them yourself. 

Consider this example problem:

 Question: A circle with diameter 2 is placed inside a square such that the four sides of the square are tangential to the circle at their midpoints.  What is the total area outside the circle, but inside the square?                     

A) 16 - 4π

B) 16 - 2π

C) 8 - π

D) 4 - 2π

E) 4 – π

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The GMAT Tutor: Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for the Big Day

Posted by Maryam Amr on 1/19/15 4:04 PM

The GMAT test day is NOT the day to experiment with your morning routine! 

So you’ve been preparing for months, and finally, your GMAT test day is rapidly approaching around the corner. You may be (understandably) starting to feel some anxiety creeping in. How will you retain all the strategies you've learned? How do you make sure all of that hard work, sweat, and toil translates to your test? As your trusty private GMAT tutor in Boston, let me outline a few things you can do in the days leading up to the exam.   

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GMAT Tutor: The First Step is Just Signing Up

Posted by Jason Shapiro on 1/12/15 7:52 PM

After you scale the GMAT-mountain, these cute little mountain goats will be waiting at the top!

The holidays are over, so put down that eggnog and start thinking about how to make your 2015 great. That’s right; it’s time for a New Year’s resolution! As a private GMAT tutor in Boston and New York, I have a fitting mantra for those of you considering the possibility of business school: Just sign up.

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