Tips from a Test Prep Tutor: Good Habits Take You To The Finish Line!

Posted by Mac Staben on 12/27/13 10:09 AM

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The GMAT Tutor: Cheating at Solitaire

Posted by Greg Page on 12/23/13 8:43 AM

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The GMAT Tutor: Hands Off My Data Sufficiency!

Posted by Greg Page on 11/4/13 11:07 AM

Ha ha.

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Business School Admissions: The uphill climb to success on the GMAT

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 8/1/13 8:30 AM

The GMAT, for many test takers, poses a major challenge on the route to business school admissions. If you’re feeling bummed out by your first attempt at a high score on the test and didn't do as well as you hoped (in spite of months of standardized test preparation), remember that the GMAT is hard for most test takers. 

Why is the GMAT such a beast?

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Standardized Test Preparation: Fine-Tune your Process

Posted by College Corner on 4/17/13 12:07 PM

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GMAT Tutor: Preparing for the Physical Challenges of the GMAT

Posted by The Aged Tutor on 4/1/13 9:21 AM

As a GMAT tutor, I have seen coutnless overeager GMAT studiers often make the mistake of taking test after test without making the most of them.

Professional tests and modules are few and far between, and cost considerable money. Consuming this material quickly is neither the most cost-efficient nor smart method of preparing for the test, given the way it is prepared.The GMAT draws on a relatively limited lexicon of theorems and rules that are typically almost entirely covered after three or four practice exams. Mastering the content is only one factor in scoring successfully on the exam. Moving quickly through practice tests ignores some of the more rudimentary, yet critical aspects on being prepared on test day.

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Business School Admissions: Your MBA Application

Posted by The Aged Tutor on 3/6/13 5:06 PM

Thinking about what to prioritize in your MBA Application?

As a business school admissions consultant, GMAT tutor and current business school student, I know that various components of your application are parts of a larger narrative. Your goal as an applicant is to construct a narrative that paints you as ambitious, intellectually curious, interesting, and posed for success. A number of students I’ve tutored feel confident that “softer” aspects of their application will validate their narratives to elite admissions committees. This is more often than not a fallacy.

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Study Skills: Willpower & Standardized Test Preparation

Posted by The Aged Tutor on 2/27/13 10:15 AM

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GMAT Tutoring & Business School Admissions: The week before the test

Posted by Math Mechanic on 2/26/13 6:52 PM

The final few days before the GMAT are the most critical for prospective MBA applicants.

As a GMAT tutor, I can tell you that far too many students underappreciate the importance of the lead-up to the exam. Given the considerable time and resources spent on preparation, applicants must be willing to finish strong by sacrificing their social lives, discretionary income, and possibly even their reputations at work, to make these last few days as productive as possible.

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Academic Tutor: Perfect practice makes perfect

Posted by College Corner on 2/22/13 9:29 AM

Practice does not make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect: The Importance of Deliberate Practice

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