6 Essential Law School Cases: A 1L’s Guide

Posted by Rob Barnett on 6/8/15 5:30 PM

 Hopefully you are not this unlucky on day one...

In the six major courses of your first year of law school, there’s bound to be a case you’ll never forget.  Each of these cases lays down a foundational principle upon which the rest of a required 1L class will build.  If you read this first, you’ll know these 6 essential cases even before you step foot in the door.

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Law School Tutor: Big Law vs. Public Interest?

Posted by Rob Barnett on 3/7/15 1:00 PM

You don’t have to join…but it can be hard not to.
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Law School Tutor: 6 Tips for 1L Exam Success

Posted by Rob Barnett on 2/20/15 11:55 AM

Now Starring: You 

Anyone who’s ever considered law school has probably heard horror stories about that dreaded rite of passage: the first 1L exams.  At many schools – like my alma mater, Harvard Law School – a student’s entire grade for a first-year course rides on the final exam. Years of preparation, months of cases and cold calls, weeks or days of study – they all come down to three (or sometimes less) hours in December.  It can be pretty intimidating!

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