Study Skills: Willpower & Standardized Test Preparation

Posted by The Aged Tutor on 2/27/13 10:15 AM

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Law School Application Help: When to Take the LSAT

Posted by Law School on 2/19/13 9:53 AM

If you are planning to apply for law school this year, it is a good idea to figure out when you are going to take the LSAT test now so that you can plan accordingly.

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The LSAT test is given four times a year: February, June, October, and December. The February test date for 2013 has already passed, so if you are applying for law school admission in Fall 2014, you need to take the June, October, or December LSAT test. Some schools will accept the February 2014 test, but not all – and even for those that do, it may delay your application longer than ideal for rolling admissions. See my earlier post on five common law school application mistakes.

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LSAT Tutor: Logical Reasoning Tips

Posted by Law School on 2/4/13 11:33 AM

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LSAT Tutor Tips: Home Stretch for the February LSAT Test

Posted by Law School on 1/24/13 8:54 AM

With just over two weeks left before the February LSAT test date, how can you make the most of the time you have left?

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Ready to Do Some Standardized Test Preparation Over the Holidays?

Posted by The Standarized Test Insider on 12/11/12 9:31 AM

While holidays are certainly a time for most of us to wind down from a busy work or school year and spend time with family and friends, the holidays can also be the best time to complete some standardized test preparation. 

With the right discipline and schedule, the focused student can find a way to knock out a couple of good hours of test preparation each day during a holiday break (whether that break is a week long or over a month long) and still get to relax and hang out with friends and family. In fact, for many college students, in particular, they are given a month or more break during the winter holiday.  While that is nice, many of these students find themselves bored out of their skulls.  

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LSAT Test Help: Increasing your Speed on the Logic Games

Posted by Law School on 12/6/12 7:00 AM

The logic games are one of the most challenging parts of the LSAT test for many students, particularly the timing. Here are some quick tips to help you increase your speed on LSAT test day.

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Thoughts from an LSAT Tutor: Should I re-take the LSAT test?

Posted by Law School on 11/8/12 12:00 PM

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Standardized Test Preparation as a Conduit to Enhanced Metacognition

Posted by College Corner on 11/6/12 9:20 AM

What is metacognition you may say (unless you have been exposed to the growing literature and popularity of this word in recent years)?  Metacognition, at its most basic can be described as knowing how you think. 

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Part 2: LSAT Test Preparation & Your Brain

Posted by Math Mechanic on 10/30/12 12:42 PM

This post is a follow up in which I posed the question ‘Can Prepping for Entrance Exams Make Ya Smarter?  According to a recent study conducted at The University of California at Berkeley, this is certainly true with the LSAT.  Given this finding, it would be interesting to explore how the LSAT is structured, the types of questions asked and how a good round or two of preparation might make one’s brains sharper.

The Bones of the LSAT

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Can Prepping for Entrance Exams Make Ya Smarter?

Posted by Math Mechanic on 10/17/12 9:38 AM


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