Summer Test Preparation: Vocabulary Building for the SAT

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/20/13 9:03 AM

Many students think ahead and wonder how they can use their summer to advance their standardized test preparation, without monopolizing the entire summer break. Vocabulary-building is an easy (and for some, fun) way to improve your verbal SAT score and can be done easily from anywhere, even while you're in transit.

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Standardized Test Prep: Get Ahead on the ACT this Summer

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/18/13 9:25 AM

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Academic Tutor: Get ahead with Some Simple Summer Preparation

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 6/13/13 2:18 PM

It’s official – summer is here for (almost) everyone.  And without the normal school deadlines on your back or the usual cast of teachers to please, summer can be the perfect time to sharpen the study skills that you just seem to have missed during the year before. 

Maybe your SAT II scores were a little lower than you’d expected – maybe your Spanish class picked up steam toward the end of term and you just started to feel lost by the end – or maybe you know that Algebra II is coming up in the fall and you just got through math this year by the skin of your teeth.  With all the un-scheduled hours you’ll have in the summer, this is the time to address any of these unresolved academic issues.  Whether the problem was the pacing of your classes, an especially difficult topic, or even specific cognitive issues, we have a team of experienced private tutors in New York, in Boston, and online just waiting to share an incredible set of academic tools with you.

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Finishing the School Year Strong & Planning for Summer Academics

Posted by Middle School Maze on 4/30/13 7:00 AM

As the end of the school year approaches, finals begin to loom on the horizon as well.

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Middle School Maze IV: The Summer Online Classroom & Academics

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 7/2/12 11:29 AM

The most effective way to keep a middle-school student engaged in learning through the summer is to make academics fun and relevant.

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The Middle School Maze III: Summer Reading & Study Skills

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/27/12 10:56 AM

Yes, summer fun is important. But reading through the hot months is too, maybe even more so.

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The Expository Writer: Writer’s Block on a Hot Day and the Essay

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/21/12 5:18 PM

Welcome to the second installment of the Expository Writer. 

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Rock your Summer Course with an Academic Tutor.

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/6/12 9:21 AM

During the summer months, students from all over the country (And the world!) flock to Cambridge to take advantadge of Boston's prestigious academic institutions. Looking around Harvard Square, we see students of all ages boasting their hometown or college logos, scribbling art-history dates on note-pads in coffee shops, or simply strolling, classics books in hand.

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Traveling? No problem. We Can Tutor You On the Go.

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/5/12 1:59 PM

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College Admissions: Use the Summer to Get Ahead on your Application!

Posted by College Corner on 6/4/12 12:23 PM

exam prep

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