Tutor Spotlight: Meet Preston, Our Amazing LSAT Tutor!

Posted by Martha C. on 5/24/19 3:31 PM


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This week, we're spotlighting Preston, one of our Harvard JDs.

Preston is originally from Atlanta, and he really won't shut up about it. Nevertheless, he completed the first two years of his undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and the final two years at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. After one year of working at a law firm in Chicago post-graduation, Preston moved to Boston where he is currently a second-year student at Harvard Law School.

Preston's tutoring specialty is the LSAT. Specifically, he is passionate about helping students break through a plateau where their scores are stagnant. He has helped students achieve scores in the upper bounds of the 99th percentile, and embraces the challenge of taking any student with the willingness to work hard to that level, too.

In his free time, Preston enjoys participating in mock trial and moot court competitions, weight training, and watching reaction videos to the MGK/Eminem rap battles.

Tell us about where you grew up, and what your world looked like. 

I grew up in Hiram, Georgia. My world looked so full and warm... I grew up near family and friends. I felt a love that told me it was okay to be exactly who I was... until I didn't. I had quite a few moves as a child, and I felt pretty destabilized at times. As I have grown, the journey to find myself has been a return to that warmth, and I find that warmth in a simple truth: it has always, is, and will always be okay to be exactly who I am. 

What did you decide to study, and why?

I studied Philosophy in college. I have always been curious about life. Philosophy is the deepest way that we as people strive to understand it. And if we buy the premise that life is largely what we believe it to be, then by examining what we believe life is (and changing our view, where we see fit), we can change life itself.

What are you up to now?

I am a 2L at Harvard Law School. I saw a fellow tutor post in the HLS Class of 2020 page that Cambridge Coaching was hiring LSAT tutors. I have always loved teaching, and I enjoy involving myself deeply in each student's path. I am so glad that I was brought in as part of the team!

What daily routine or habits are most important to your work?

I meditate twice daily, and I keep my to-do list nearly up-to-the-minute. Key distinction: I said I keep the list, not that I necessarily execute it... but we're working on it.

Describe your perfect weekend morning.

A nice walk to grab a coffee around 6:30am before the world is awake, meditation before I hear any traffic running down Massachusetts Avenue, and pleasure reading in my sunny living room! And bacon.

Tell us a story from childhood.  Or, introduce us to our 15 year old self.

Aunt takes 5 year old Preston to the park. Aunt says, "Don't mess with the squirrel." Preston messes with the squirrel. Squirrel scratches Preston. Aunt tells Preston he might have rabies, and that she needs to test me. She begins the test. "Preston, do you suddenly have an urge to eat nuts?" Naive Preston, through tear-blotted eyes: "I've always liked nuts."

What does your daily information consumption look like?

Anything, and everything, that grabs my attention. There is very little filter. I collect all of it!

Are you interested in working with Preston, either in Boston or online?

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