Part 1: Recognizing that dentistry is the career for you & Key aspects of the journey to Dental School

Posted by Kristie K. on 6/29/20 9:54 AM

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”: A seemingly innocent, simple question that you have probably heard from the time you were in kindergarten and every Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of enjoying sweet potatoes and stuffing. Yet, this ten-word, ten syllable inquiry might be a stress-inducing annoyance with an unfathomably complex answer or an opportunity to express a true passion of yours! If you were like me, I changed my answer many times until deciding upon the career that I ultimately chose: astronaut, chocolatier, college chemistry professor (my aspiration as a fifth grader, who had never stepped onto a college campus), nurse, doctor, veterinarian, teacher and finally, dentist. If you respond to this question with “dentist,” you will likely get a reply like, “Why?” or, “Really?” or, “I hate going to the dentist!”

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