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How to write your first legal memo in 5 steps
One of your first assignments in law school most likely will be a legal memo. Legal writing is different than other forms of academic writing – it is repetitive and can feel a bit clunky.
Six law school outlining dos and don’ts
For the not-yet-initiated, a law school outline is a supercharged version of class notes for a law school course. One critical difference between an outline and your class notes, however, is that an outline should be the distillation of the entire semester’s coursework. Instead of full case briefs, think quick summaries of the issues and holdings.
How to apply to 1L big law positions
You just started law school and you probably don’t even really know what a tort is yet, so how could we be talking about employment already? You may have heard the rumblings that some law students are able to obtain a big law summer associate position after 1L year. These positions pay a pro-rated big law rate, usually provide some peace of mind ...
How to read legal statutes like a lawyer
Legal statutes can be a daunting task. Statutes are filled with legalese, numerical codes, and several headers that can make you feel stuck in a labyrinth of law. However, have no fear! Following these simple steps can turn that labyrinth of written statutes into a nice roadmap and summary of any legal statute.
Don’t be dumb like me: use a hornbook
Imagine turning to the first page of Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins for your Civil Procedure homework and seeing this first sentence: “The question for decision is whether the oft-challenged doctrine of Swift v. Tyson shall now be disapproved.” So in order to understand what’s going on in this 80-year-old case, which you thought was about someone ...
What exactly is a law school outline?
Pretty soon after you’ve arrived at law school, you’ll probably start hearing about “outlines” and “outlining.” Fellow students will ask when you’re going to start outlining for Torts or Contracts. The bar prep representatives will start trying to sell you outlines for your courses. High-quality outlines prepared by students in years past will ...
How to bounce back from a bad grade during 1L spring
Dealing with a disappointing performance and mark from 1L fall is difficult especially as the 1L summer internship application process progresses and your email is inundated with discussions regarding OCI in the summer. Just remember a couple of things: (1) getting a bad grade does not mean that you won’t be a good lawyer (or more importantly, get ...
What are law school exams, and how do I prepare?
If you’re a 1L approaching the end of your first semester of law school, and you’re anything like I was, you’re probably starting to wonder: What are these exams I keep hearing about? How do I prepare for them? How do I succeed on them? Will I be okay? As to the last one, the answer is definitely: yes. You’re fine! As for the other questions, read ...
How to spot the “issue” in a legal case: a primer for 1L students
My first class at Harvard Law School was Contracts, with then-professor, now-Senator Elizabeth Warren. Before she was famous as a leader of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, she was a famously excellent teacher -- the only professor at Harvard Law School to win the student nominated teaching award twice -- as well as a famously tough ...
What is constitutional law?: a 1L's guide
Marbury v. Madison. Brown v. Board of Education. Obergefell v. Hodges. Whether you’re already a law buff or just excited to start taking it all in, I imagine you’ve heard about these cases in a history class, or the newspapers, or both. In fact, they might have been the very cases that first piqued your interest in law, or inspired you to go to ...
Which law school movie should you trust?: The Paper Chase vs. Legally Blonde
I’m not a huge movie buff, and I only went to one law school (Harvard). Fortunately, though, there have been iconic movies made about my alma mater, including The Paper Chase in 1973, and Legally Blonde in 2001. Creative as those films may have been -- I can’t say for sure; when they were written I wasn’t even thinking about law school yet! -- ...
6 essential law school cases: a 1L’s guide
In the six major courses of your first year of law school, there’s bound to be a case you’ll never forget. Each of the following cases lays down a foundational principle upon which the rest of a required 1L class will build.
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