Math 1 Subject Test vs. SAT Math Test

Posted by Jacob R. on 12/16/19 11:00 AM

If you want help deciding whether to take Math 1 or Math 2 Subject Tests, there are a dozen websites that will guide you through the decision process. But once you’ve decided on Math 1, how do you know what to study? Chances are you’ve already been studying for the Math Section of the SAT, so you might want to know what topics you have to add. The College Board website lists the topics on the Math 1 Subject Test, but a cursory glance reveals that all of those topics also feature on the regular SAT. Yet, the two tests are not the same, and knowing the differences can help you master your Math 1 Subject Test and round out your college application. Fortunately, as an experienced tutor in both levels of Subject Test and the SAT Math Test, I’m here to help.

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Word Problems on the SAT Math: A 7-Step Game Plan

Posted by Ya Sheng on 8/21/19 11:00 AM

Word-based math problems can be challenging, but they don’t have to be. Here is a 7-Step game plan to help you remain composed when you sit for the SAT math section.

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When should I take my SAT subject tests?

Posted by Martha C. on 7/5/19 5:24 PM

Planning for the SAT subject tests is one piece of the college admissions process that oftentimes goes overlooked.  They are forgotten for good reason: in the midst of planning for your AP and honors coursework, juggling your extracurricular activities, and studying for the SAT or ACT, planning for the subject tests can fall by the wayside.

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Mastering the SAT Subject Tests, Easier Than You Think! – Math Level 2

Posted by Alex O. on 9/14/18 7:01 PM

Are you looking to present college admissions committees with a competitive application for programs in engineering, science, math, finance, or economics? Math is a basis for all of these subjects, and demonstrating mastery in math can really help your applications. By coupling high scores on the SAT or ACT math section, SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test, and an AP math exam, you can bolster your portfolio to impress colleges. In this blog post, we’ll specifically focus on the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test, and discuss ways to improve your score and go into the exam room feeling confident.

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Mastering the SAT Subject Tests is Easier Than You Think! – Math Level 1

Posted by Alex O. on 8/29/18 5:34 PM

Whether you’re applying to a university with strict test requirements or you’d like to showcase your unique academic strengths on college applications, scoring well on the SAT Subject Tests can really help in the college admissions process. In this blog series, I’ll discuss some tips unique to individual Subject Tests in a variety of areas. This first post is on the Math Level 1 Subject Test, so let’s begin!

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Converting Polar to Cartesian Equations in Five Easy Steps

Posted by Maryam Amr on 8/12/15 11:00 AM

If polar equations have you second-guessing your future as a nuclear physicist, fret not!  Almost every Pre-Calculus student I have tutored has struggled here, and it isn’t surprising at all.  Remember the first time you saw an equation and were introduced to these strange x and y variables?  It may seem like second nature now, but you were learning about a whole new way to communicate about points and curves.  

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SAT Math Section Tips: Triangles

Posted by Tyler Lau on 8/7/15 11:00 AM

Triangles can be very different!

The SAT math section is full of triangles. They’re the most basic 2D shape that you can create and they can be found everywhere, so the SAT wants to make sure that you have the basic facts down pat. So let’s look at some tricks and facts about triangles. We’ll start by looking at the triangle below (not drawn to scale).

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The Math Tutor: Covering all the Angles on the Math SAT II

Posted by Entela Nako on 1/10/14 8:43 AM


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Math Tutor: Words, Drawings & Math Problems

Posted by Entela Nako on 11/11/13 11:22 AM

What is the first thing that pops in your mind if you think about math? If you are anything like most people I know, you probably think about long equations and numbers. After all, that’s what math is, isn’t it?

Well, you are right and wrong at the same time (don’t you hate it when that happens?). Certainly, math does involve a lot of equations and numbers. But that’s not all there is to math. You certainly need to be comfortable with equations and numbers, but unfortunately, you need to be comfortable with much, much more. From years of working with many students, I have noticed a common trend. A lot of students will be very nimble  with arithmetic. However, when they read a word problem that gives them no equations they feel confused and frustrated: Why do textbooks have to do that? If you just give the same problem to students in an equation form, they would know how to solve it easily. Why go through this song and dance first?

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Crunch Time for Advanced Placement and SAT Subject Tests

Posted by College Corner on 3/28/13 9:14 AM

So spring is definitely here, and we’re well into the time of year when you’ll be hearing plenty about the Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT Subject (SAT II) exams. 

You might be thinking that there’s very little difference between the two and that both test your knowledge of a specific subject or skill – and to an extent you’d be right.  But there are subtle differences in timing, in testing method, and in how you share these scores that our team of experienced standardized test tutors and academic tutors in New York City, in Boston, and online are ready to share with you all year round.

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