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5 key lessons I learned from the MBA application process
Applying for an MBA program is an intense, transformative, and rewarding journey that can be both exciting and incredibly overwhelming. Here, I share some key lessons learned throughout my own application journey. While these worked for me, it’s important to understand the best strategies and timeline for you.
How to write compelling MBA admission essays
Already getting overwhelmed about writing your MBA essays and you haven’t even started yet? I’ve been there. Everyone has their own trusted process and unique story to tell, but here are three quick tips that helped me put my best foot forward in the admissions process:
How to apply to business school with a non-traditional background
Applying for business school as a non-traditional candidate can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when the top schools are constantly advertising their placement in consulting, investment banking and tech companies. But there is a reason business schools are not 100% filled with students from those backgrounds, as business school is truly ...
What you need to know about Harvard Business School
HBS has a great reputation as being one of the top business schools in the world, and people are often keen to apply just for its reputation alone. However, it can be helpful to really understand what you’re signing up for when you start at HBS. Academics are such a critical component of the learning and growth you undertake during your MBA, and ...
What surprised me the most about Columbia Business School
While this post originally started as a “Why I chose CBS” post, I realized halfway through writing the post that the reader (you!) would be learning a lot more about me than about Columbia Business School. So instead of diving deep into why I chose to attend CBS, I want to spend more time telling you what surprised me the most about CBS.
Why I chose MIT Sloan
In early 2016, I stood at a crossroads with the incredible chance to attend one of the elite MBA Programs: MIT Sloan. My two years in this program were rewarding, enriching, and absolutely unforgettable. Here's why I chose to attend this fantastic program:
Why I chose Yale School of Management
As one of the top business schools in the world, Yale School of Management takes a slightly different approach than most. At Evans Hall, you’ll find students from a wide array of backgrounds, all attracted by SOM’s mission of educating “Leaders for Business and Society”. This is because SOMers believe that, at its core, business is about people, ...
Advice for international students pursuing an MBA in the US
The application process to get into top MBA programs in the US is daunting, even more so for international students, as there is additional work required for the applicant and different acceptance conditions to navigate.
Finding patterns in exponent problems on the GRE Quantitative section
One thing about GRE quant questions and standardized test math questions more broadly: if a question seems impossible or like it will take a ridiculously long amount of time to complete… It isn’t as difficult as it seems! Let’s dive right into a practice problem to see an example. Take the following numeric entry problem:
Traditional vs non-traditional MBA candidates
What are business schools really looking for?
MBA Admissions: GRE vs GMAT?
Should you take the GMAT or the GRE for MBA applications? First, let’s start with the key difference between the tests:
Grad school standardized testing: to re-test or not to re-test?
So you got your score back from the standardized test you need to apply to graduate school, and you’re not thrilled. What now?
An Insider's Look at an MBA at Wharton
This past weekend, I ventured back to Philadelphia. A lot was going on: the Wharton MBA reunion; the Wharton Class of 2017 graduation; and a much needed trip back to the Penn Museum. Walking through campus, seeing the familiar and iconic pit stops - Claes Oldenburg’s button, the Benjamin Franklin statue nearby, and our beloved Huntsman Hall (where ...
How to Choose an MBA Program Once You've Been Admitted
You’ve spent months preparing for the GMAT and writing countless essay drafts. The interviews were stressful - but only another step in a series of MBA application obstacles. At work, you check your email and phone constantly, hoping that an acceptance (and not a rejection) will arrive at any moment. It comes. You’ve been accepted to Wharton. A ...
Tips for Writing Your MBA Essay
Makes ya wanna proofread, huh? Taken your GMAT and gotten a score you like? Great. Picked the schools where you want to apply and maybe planned a campus visit or two? Awesome. Asked some people who know you well and whom you trust to write on your behalf? Brilliant. Now for the big to-do: writing the essays. You might be feeling a little ...
MIT Sloan interview preparation: the behavioral event interview (BEI) decoded
If you are reading this, you likely just received an invitation to interview for the the MIT Sloan MBA program. If so, congratulations! Being offered an interview means that you should be confident that the admissions committee thinks you can truly excel academically at MIT Sloan and now it just comes down to fit. At this point, your chances of ...
Guide to Your MBA Recommendation Letters
Go ahead, ask him for a letter! [Image source: The Office} Letters of recommendation, those sneaky devils. Despite being a critical component of the application, a lot of prospective MBAs pay little mind to obtaining their letters of recommendation. As a b-school hopeful, you might be more concerned with taking the GMAT or crafting the perfect ...
MBA Admissions: The 4 Keys to Business School Selection
One of the less effective business school selection methods
Business School Admissions: When should you apply?
Today, we’re going to dive into the question of business school admissions deadlines. Should you apply Round 1, Round 2 or Round 3? If you want to backtrack a bit and explore the earlier phases of the business school admissions process, last post we discussed how to map our your narrative for the business school application. You can check it out ...
Business School Admissions: Phase 2 - The Application Narrative
In my last post on the business school admissions process, we explored the first phase of the MBA application process. Before we turn to phase two of the application process, let's review my recommendations for phase 1:
Application Consulting: The First Phase of the MBA Application
The first round deadline for most business schools admissions happens in late September or early October. The application process is made up of several phases (preparation and research, writing, interviews), many moving parts (resume, recs, GMAT score, etc.), and also entails a fair amount of writing. In short, it's not a cut and paste, easy ...
Business School Admissions: MBA Worth the Price Tag?
Business school hopefuls tend to be most stressed about two daunting prospects: getting a great GMAT score and paying the cost of tuition for a great school. The best schools in the country cost upwards of $140,000, not including living expenses. Factor in the fact that these schools are in expensive big cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and ...
Business School Admissions: What Do MBAs Do After Business School?
Working with a GMAT tutor and enrolling in an MBA program are investments. For most, post-graduation employment is the principal return on these investments. Marquee business schools offer compensation typically 50-75% higher upon graduation than upon entrance. Students exit for such lucrative opportunities into a wide range of companies and ...
Business School Admissions: Your MBA Application
Thinking about what to prioritize in your MBA Application? As a business school admissions consultant, GMAT tutor and current business school student, I know that various components of your application are parts of a larger narrative. Your goal as an applicant is to construct a narrative that paints you as ambitious, intellectually curious, ...
Business School Admissions: An MBA is Only as Good as Your Plans For It
Higher education is getting bad reviews lately. National media lament the high costs and seemingly low returns of advanced degrees – even those that have traditionally stapled a higher paycheck to one’s diploma (metaphorically). Business schools in particular are criticized for this seeming disconnect. Various traditional career outlets are ...
Who You Meet and Why It Matters for Your Business School Admissions
“Truisms” often deserve the designation because they’re so true. One of the most cliché truisms about MBA programs is that they are fantastic networking opportunities. Applicants may tire of hearing how great their classmates will be – and may even feel threatened by the idea.
Business School Admissions: A Great GMAT Score Pays Dividends
Most MBA applicants put considerable emphasis on their GMAT preparation in order to get into the best schools. Though the GMAT score is an important aspect of the application, it is just one part of a person’s overall “story” in business school admissions; a great score will not guarantee access to a great school. However, success on the GMAT has ...
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