High School Academics: Study Skills & ADHD

Posted by College Corner on 1/21/13 10:56 AM

For many students who struggle with ADHD, the onset of rigorous high school academics and standardized test preparation can feel more challenging. The thing is, this moment is an chance for all students to reset academically and re-assess what kinds of study skills work best. 

  • Planning Ahead is key: Establish long term and short term priorities at the beginning of the semester.You can become more and more specific by setting short term priorities on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. 

  • Set realistic short-term goals and track your progres: Write down the goal and create a step by step plan for each. Prioritize daily activities into urgent, important, and nonessential. Allow some margin for unpredictable interruptions and delays. Write the schedule for the day on the board or on a piece of paper and cross off each item as it is completed. 

  • Re-think negative thinking: The more negative feedback that a student receives, the less he or she will feel able to do well. Academics should be case in a positive light. Enlist the help of other adults in the student’s world to provide positive feedback.To improve motivation, engage in an activity that he does well in and feels good about doing. Success in this area can be connected to self esteem and academic motivation. 

  • Improve Motivation: Students should ngage in an activity that he or she does well in and feels good about doing. Success in this area can be connected to self esteem and academic motivation. Maximize sense of accomplishment while creating space for relaxation. Balance is important (i.e. no Friday night tutoring). 

  • Set up a Rewards System: Recognize good performance out loud. Be specific in your praise, making sure the student knows what they did right.

  • Improve Time Management: Teach a better understanding of time management: use an analog clock and timers to monitor homework efficiency.Students should chart their own progress and keep track on how much time they spend on certain tasks or activities. Ask students to graph their own homework completion and time spent on assignments. 

Try adding each of these strategies into the day to day of any student feeling behind or stuck academically. If you don't see results, try another one and see what sticks. 

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