Want to save hundreds of dollars and precious hours? Don’t retake the MCAT.

Posted by Samantha P. on 11/23/20 1:58 PM

Everything about the MCAT is stressful, from creating a study plan to fine-tuning your test strategies. And then there’s the day of reckoning when you take the exam. If that’s not enough, perhaps the most stressful day is score report day. After working so hard for so many months towards the exciting and honorable goal of attending medical school, it can be crushing to score lower than expected. If that’s the case, you may be asking yourself: “Is this enough? Should I take it again?”

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Breaking Down the Writing Process: 5 Tips

Posted by Sarah W. on 11/21/20 11:34 AM

I was recently helping someone with a comparative essay they had to write for school. This person did not like writing—a common enough state of affairs. They felt that they had no talent for it. The process frustrated them. I could see that they were struggling in part because they were trying to do everything at once (come up with ideas, write grammatically sound sentences, discover their own thinking and opinions on the topic at hand).

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Answering the question: “why medicine?”

Posted by Avani K. on 11/20/20 9:43 AM

Whether it is for a personal statement, medical school interviews, or networking events, you will undoubtedly be asked: “Why medicine?” Though a seemingly simple question, coming up with a unique and comprehensive answer can be challenging. In this post, I outline how I approached this question by breaking it down into specific components. Use these steps as a guide for brainstorming a personal answer to a very common question.

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The Intermediate Value Theorem explained by everyday life

Posted by Matt S. on 11/19/20 9:22 AM

Calculus can be tough stuff. Calc AB was the first AP class I ever took in high school, and though I love the subject now, I certainly didn’t love it when I was first struggling with limits or with the chain rule for derivatives.

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Wait, what is the electoral college again??

Posted by Gabrielle M. on 11/18/20 9:15 AM

You might be wondering, rightfully so after this presidential election, what the deal is with our Electoral College. You probably know that the candidate with 270 electoral votes wins the election, but you might be wondering: why 270 votes? And why does the candidate win via electoral votes rather than the national popular vote? This post provides a brief explainer of how the system works.

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What I learned about the writing process from bread baking

Posted by Lucina S. on 11/17/20 12:15 PM

Working from home means I can adapt myself to the capricious schedule of bread making. Dough waits for no one (and it will not rise more quickly if prodded!). I’ve loved baking since childhood, but I discovered bread more recently.

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What is Anki and how it transforms your MCAT studying

Posted by Shelly T. on 11/16/20 2:07 PM

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably never taken a strong liking to flashcards. Sure, I used the occasional Quizlet, but it always felt mundane and ineffective. Then I heard about an application called Anki. And let me tell you, it has completely changed the efficacy of my studying. So here’s my guide for how you can use Anki to study for the MCAT.

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How to approach initial value word problems

Posted by Greg E. on 11/11/20 8:46 AM

We’ve all been there: on a homework set or in an exam, you turn to the final page and, to your dismay, it’s a wall of text. The dreaded Word Problem. Some of the words are useful, some of them are meant to distract. Let’s look at a strategy for answering initial value word problems.

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Why vulnerable writing is good writing

Posted by Joseph F. on 11/9/20 12:30 PM

Writing Should Be Messy

Writing is hard. Believe it or not, this statement holds true for even the most experienced writers. When readers see an example of ‘good writing,’ they tend to think about the finished product in front of them instead of the process that went into making it. This engagement with writing speaks to a common, but misguided assumption: that writing is the mere expression of already-formed thoughts. Most veteran writers will admit that this assumption is wrong.

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Tips for crushing your MD/PhD interviews (written by an actual student interviewer!)

Posted by Alice CL on 11/6/20 8:52 AM

First, congratulations if you have received MD/PhD interview invitations! That’s huge. Be proud of yourself and get excited to visit your potential future school and colleagues. As a student interviewer of prospective applicants, here are my suggestions for acing your interviews:

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