Drawing the chair conformation of a pyranose ring

Posted by Ellen Y. on 6/11/21 12:00 PM

Welcome back! In this blog post, we will complete the following example problem:

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Achieving the MCAT body of your dreams (part II)

Posted by Hisaaki on 6/9/21 12:00 PM

Welcome back! If you missed part I of this post, please check it out here. Now that you've made an MCAT study schedule, adjusted your lifestyle, and figured out the fuel your body needs, you're probably wondering...

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Achieving the MCAT body of your dreams (part I)

Posted by Hisaaki on 6/7/21 12:00 PM

Summer is officially upon us, and some of you may be working on your ideal summer physique. No, I’m not talking about washboard abs or a chiseled upper back (though those are great goals to have as well). If you’ve found this post on your own (or read the title), then you already know what I’m talking about: preparing your body for the MCAT! 

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Approaching the question “Why MD-PhD”

Posted by Maya T. on 6/4/21 12:00 PM

The “Why MD-PhD?” question should be approached thoughtfully and well in advance in order to best explain your career aspirations and unique journey. Let’s dive into some dos and don’ts about approaching this classic interview question!

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Making a first impression twice: a guide to transferring law schools

Posted by Shlomo on 6/2/21 12:00 PM

Maybe you underperformed on the LSAT. Maybe you feel you did not push yourself enough. Or maybe your resume and personal statement were not as impressive as they needed to be. For whatever reason, you did not get accepted to your dream law school. You did, however, do well enough to earn acceptance to a different law school. Rather than waiting another year to apply again, you decide to attend your back-up, accepting the fact that your dream school isn’t going to happen. You begin law school hopeful that you’ll soon realize this is where you were meant to be all along, but that feeling never comes and now you’re stuck in a school you don’t love, still longing for the one that got away. 

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How to remember what you read

Posted by Natalia on 5/31/21 12:00 PM

Maybe this sounds familiar: you’re sitting in class, racking your brain for the answer to a question you know you should be able to answer, but the information’s just not there. You’re frustrated. You spent hours doing the reading, yet now it’s like it evaporated from your head.

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Advice for international students pursuing an MBA in the US

Posted by Celine C. on 5/28/21 12:00 PM

The application process to get into top MBA programs in the US is daunting, even more so for international students, as there is additional work required for the applicant and different acceptance conditions to navigate. 

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Fetal circulation: three shunts, one rule

Posted by Lydia Z. on 5/26/21 12:00 PM

Hearts are pretty cool, and so are developing fetuses. Unfortunately for the student preparing for the MCAT, they’re also both pretty complicated, and fetal circulation differs from adult circulation in three main structures. In the next couple paragraphs, I’m going to break down these structures with one rule. If you’re not familiar with adult circulation, I highly recommend brushing up on it before diving into this article. 

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Annual revenue at a Starbucks: the power of Fermi approximations

Posted by Josephine Y. on 5/24/21 2:17 PM

What is a Fermi approximation? 

The only thing that physicists like more than dimensional analysis is a good order of magnitude estimation, also known as a Fermi problem or Fermi approximation. A classic is the piano tuner problem: “How many piano tuners are in the city of Chicago?” 

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How to determine the optimal price of a product as a monopolist

Posted by Arpad on 5/21/21 12:00 PM

In business, finding the right price for your product is crucial. Price it too high, and few people will buy; price too low and the business leaves money on the table. But how do you determine the right price? We will explore this question with a simplified example, looking at Umbrella Corp (UCorp). Note that in this simplified case, UCorp is a monopolist and cannot charge different prices to different customers (i.e. is unable price discriminate).

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