Fitting AP Exams into your Schedule

Posted by College Corner on 2/28/13 9:19 AM

SAT TutorThe spring can be a hectic time for high school sophomores or juniors. As an academic tutor, I have witnessed my students juggling several responsibilities from rigorous academic coursework, to extracurricular activities, to volunteer work, to standardized test preparation.

In the spring, many 10th and 11th grade students take SAT subjects tests, often in tandem with an academic course. As a SAT tutor, I often get requests for last-minute or supplemental tutoring for Subjects Tests. If you plan to prepare for an SAT subject test, I would also suggest thinking about registering for an AP.

Why? Well, let's discuss the APs in further detail:

  • These exams typically map onto the subject tests, though the content covered tends to be a little more difficult.
  • There are 32 APs offered once annually and testing takes place mid-May (exact dates depend on your location).
  • The AP exams consist of multiple choice questions, problem sets or writing passages, and a listening comprehension section (for language).
  • You can view a full overview of AP offerings here.

While many schools offer AP exams and build AP test preparation into the curriculum, some don't or don't do so effectively. As a result, some students opt to work with a tutor because fitting studying into a busy schedule and mastering content can be challenging. That's why planning ahead, setting a clear schedule, and making sure that the tests that you sign up for are supported by academic coursework can help.

Given the many factors that go into effective standardized test preparation, working with a tutor might be helpful for you. Signing up for a tutor means having a dedicated test prep wizard and academic coach you through the process, help explain tricky concepts, and develop your study skills. Not sure where to begin? Reach out to us for a free consultation. Talking to an expert is step 1 on the journey to a high subject test or AP score. 

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