High School Academics: Why are Advanced Placement classes important?

Posted by The PhD Perspective on 3/15/13 9:33 AM

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Your school probably offers several Advanced placement (or AP) classes.  After taking your chemistry class, you may ask yourself, why should I take another chemistry class?  While these reasons may not be apparent as you work through your high school academics, the reasons for opting to take these courses are numerous, and in this post I'll give you several reasons to do so. 

  • Increase your chances for college admissions.

    Taking AP classes signals to the admissions committee, that you are not afraid of a challenge.  Admissions committees need to know that you will be successful if you gain admissions to their college, and taking AP classes (and AP exams) is a great indicator of future success.  AP classes demonstrate high achievement, and your ability to take on any challenge.

  • Save money and time once you're in college! 

    Taking AP classes and scoring well on the exam can offer you college credit.  What this means is you can take more advanced classes right off the bat.  Starting out a little further along can allow you to graduate earlier, spending less time and money (two things which are always in short supply!)

  • Learn more in college.

    One of the best things about college is that you get to become an expert in a particular area or field.  One of the biggest things I struggled with as a student was being excited to learn so many new things, but not have the time to do so.  Taking AP classes, and scoring well on your exam can mean you get to skip some of the early perquisites (general chemistry, introductory biology, etc.) and move straight into taking more electives.  These are going to be courses that allow you to study topics in depth that you may be interested in.  You may not necessarily know what you want to study when you get to college.   Luckily, the credit you receive from your AP classes can fulfill all of your general requirements for graduation.  This can allow you to take introductory classes in a wide number of topics, helping you to figure out what you’d like to major in.  In short, taking those AP classes, and receiving credit means you get more out of your college education.  One of the joys of my college experience, was that because there was extra time, I was able to spend some time studying things that I had a genuine interest in that didn’t exactly fit with my future career goals.

These are just a few reasons why putting in a little extra work in high school on advanced placement courses can be beneficial.  What is important, is achieving high scores on these exams, so you can receive the credit you are looking for. 

Working with a tutor can help you achieve success on these exams, and often students do.  So, put a little extra work in during your time in high school, and get the most out of your college experience at the school of your choice. Reach out today for a free chemistry consult!





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