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Posted by College Corner on 4/26/13 10:37 AM

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Taking SAT subject tests (and doing well) is a great way to strengthen your college application because these tests can highlight your academic interests and demonstrate your skill in a given discipline. 

If you're beginning to think about taking a subject test on June 1st, it's not too late, but you should kick you prep into high gear as soon as ou can.

Getting Started

  • Start by reviewing available test dates and register for the test(s) that you wish to take: Remember that you can take two subject tests on one day.
  • Take a practice test or a practice section to establish a base line score and to diagnose any knowledge gaps.
  • Build a strategy to structure your test preparation. Work with a tutor to customize an approach that maps onto your strengths, weaknesses and timeline.
  • Study, study, study!

Recommended Materials

  • The College Board distributes The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests. This book is a must for students broaching any of these tests because you will receive official practice questions from previous editions of your test.
  • Princeton Review sells a line of books, Cracking the _________ , which are well-atuned to what you’ll see on test day. These books are very comprehensive; they review test content, question types and strategy.

Online Tools

  • Sample questions from the College Board can be found by following this link:
  • Cambridge Coaching bloggers regularly write about SAT subject tests. Explore our blog to receive first-hand insights from our veteran SAT tutors. 

As you dive into standardized test preparation, it can be helpful to step back and evaluate your process as a whole. 

Use this handy checklist to assess your progress:

☐ Review the requirements for the test(s) and make sure you feel confident approaching the test.

☐ Purchase any relevant textbooks or study guides.

☐ Register for the exam online.

☐ Take a practice test identify areas of weakness (if any!).

☐ Work backward from the test date and create a roadmap for your prep.

☐ Hire a tutor to guide your studies and help explain challenging material

☐ Take a practice test mid-way through your test prep to gage progress.

☐ Research the test format to understand how it is scored and timed.

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