Academic Tutor: Get ahead with Some Simple Summer Preparation

Posted by Andrew Jungclaus on 6/13/13 2:18 PM

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It’s official – summer is here for (almost) everyone.  And without the normal school deadlines on your back or the usual cast of teachers to please, summer can be the perfect time to sharpen the study skills that you just seem to have missed during the year before. 

Maybe your SAT II scores were a little lower than you’d expected – maybe your Spanish class picked up steam toward the end of term and you just started to feel lost by the end – or maybe you know that Algebra II is coming up in the fall and you just got through math this year by the skin of your teeth.  With all the un-scheduled hours you’ll have in the summer, this is the time to address any of these unresolved academic issues.  Whether the problem was the pacing of your classes, an especially difficult topic, or even specific cognitive issues, we have a team of experienced private tutors in New York, in Boston, and online just waiting to share an incredible set of academic tools with you.

With students seeking any type of remedial help over the summer, the first step is always organization

This covers everything from keeping papers in their own folders to learning how to create your own schedules and syllabi to make you the most effective student you can be.  Organization can be taught!  And with the right skills mastered over the summer, you can really take the reins of your own success for the coming year. Isolating your most effective learning style is another perfect summer project that our veteran tutors in Boston and Manhattan are eager to help with. 

  • Have you ever asked yourself if you’re an analytical learner (do you need to learn concepts through sets of rules?) or an active learner (or maybe practical activities help you best)? 
  • Have you ever noticed that you soak up information more quickly when it’s presented visually as opposed to orally?  These are the sorts of reflexive observations that can sometimes be hard to make about yourself, but playing to your strengths in this context can make all the difference.  If, for example, we can diagnose your learning type ahead of the new year, our team of private tutors can help you build a valuable toolbox that makes the most of your preferred learning method.

Probably the most comforting aspect of working with Cambridge Coaching to do this type of foundational study over the summer is that we’ve seen it all before! 

Our private tutors have all been through it themselves.  We know what you studied last year and how it will relate to the information presented in your next set of classes.  We know what from your in-school history classes will be relevant for the AP and which writing techniques from English last year will be most useful for the SAT – some of us have even designed syllabi and study guides for your high school and college classes!  Sometimes the most comforting part of study work – whether it’s for standardized test prep or remedial high school math – can be talking to someone who’s seen it all before.

The key with all of this information is to remember that it’s never too early to start an academic project, and summer is often the ideal time to get a jump on next year and to iron out all the wrinkles from the last.  Whether you’re looking for GRE test preparation a year down the line or want to finally gain mastery over the math concepts that have been eluding you – take advantage of your (relatively!) unscheduled summer to build an arsenal of test taking strategies, insider tips, and foundational subject knowledge. 

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