Applying to law school this fall? Here’s your summer task list.

law school admissions LSAT
By Becca

The law school admissions application cycle doesn’t really start until October, but now is the time to start the process in earnest. Whether you’re applying to a T14 or otherwise, summer is truly the best time to hit the ground running.


Our clients come to us at every stage of the process, but typically by mid-summer, applicants have the following three items squared away:

  1. At least one LSAT exam is complete
  2. Three letters of recommendation have been solicited from selected professors and employers
  3. Resume is almost complete

Then, July and August should be dedicated to the following:

  1. Assess if taking the LSAT again is necessary (usually yes)
  2. Ensure that all letters are successfully uploaded
  3. Narrow school list to 8-12 schools depending on LSAT score, and research them heavily
  4. Finalize personal statement, resume, and LSAC profile
  5. Draft supplemental essays
  6. Decide on diversity statement applicability

It may seem like a lot, but these items all need to get done at some point. Starting now will make your fall much more manageable.

If you’d like support with any of the above, please reach out as we have Harvard, Yale, and Columbia JDs ready to support you in the process.

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