Your college admissions reading list

college admissions strategy

Love college admissions? Want to learn more? Here are a few places to go:


There are three excellent blogs shared by college admissions offices. If you are looking for an honest, reflective sense of what happens “inside the room” or just want to understand more about admissions work, these are three excellent, intelligent perspectives to consider. All three have robust search features.

  • MIT Admissions (this one is fun because it is a mix of students, alums, and people from the admissions office who write)
  • UVA Admissions -- Dean J writes excellent, refreshing perspectives on the process 


There are a lot of people who tweet regularly about college admissions. Some great folks to follow would include:

  • Eric Hoover (@erichoov) -- writes for the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Rick Clark (@clark2college) -- author of the GA Tech blog
  • Jon Boeckenstedt (@JonBoeckenstedt) -- VP of Enrollment at Oregon State
  • Ethan Sawyer (@CollegeEssayGuy) -- independent consultant and essay guide
  • Jeannine Lalonde (@UVaDeanJ) -- author of the UVA blog
  • Jeff Selingo (@jselingo) -- author of “Who Gets in and Why”


Other Writing

There are sometimes great editorials in the New York Times about college. Here are a few:

Grown and Flown blog -- 6 Ways a College Counselor Counsels Her Own Son about Admissions

[Tony Jack’s book covers, among other topics, food insecurity in college. If you want to learn more try this NYT piece.]


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