Medical School Admissions: The Interview

Posted by The MCAT Master on 10/23/12 2:28 PM

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With med school application season in full swing, and secondaries being submitted, let's talk a bit about the medical school interview!

It's what we all hope for--that email or phone call letting us now we've moved on from an incredibly large pool of applicants to a much smaller one.

With an interview in hand, your chances of being accepted increase exponentially. Lets start with the basics. 

What to wear:

- Look professional, neat. For women, a dark pant or skirt suit works well. For men, a dark suit with a light shirt and conservative tie is best. 

- Pick out clothes you'll be comfortable wearing. If you are not comfortable, interviewers will likely pick up in that in your body language. 

- Expresing your unique style is okay, but in general it is better to err on the conservative side. Leave off facial/tongue piercings for the day, as these can be distracting.

Preparing for the Medical School Interview:

- Schedule your interview as soon as possible!

- Be ready to show why this school is the right place for you. Make sure you are familiar with the school's teaching and testing style.

- Review your personal statement, application, and secondaries. Print out a copy so you can have it on hand for review during interview day.

- Visit to see other applicants' feedback about interview day. 

Interview Day:

- Try to relax. Everybody wants you to do well in this process--no one is out to get you.

- Engage while being direct and thorough.

- Be aware of your posture and body language and what that conveys.

- Don't forget to smile!

- Bring breath mints! You can use these to freshen up throughout the day.

- Talk to as many current students as possible. They will give you the best insight into the school and what it's like to attend.

Common Interview questions:

- Why do you want to be a doctor?

- Why medicine over another career in the health profession?

- How do you think the medical profession will change over the next 15 years, and how do you envision yourself fitting into these changes?

- Is it ever okay for a physician to lie to a patient or the patient's family?

Next time, we'll talk a bit more about different interview formats!

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