An Academic Tutor's Two Cents: Read for Pleasure

Posted by College Corner on 12/19/12 10:25 AM

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As someone who has worked with numerous students on standardized test preparation and supported college coursework as an academic tutor, I know that the week after finals period brings major relief. So, congratulations! You’ve made it!

During the festive days following exam chaos, some students revel into the night, while others just sleep it off and rest up for the upcoming holidays.

The two or three week stretch between semesters is you time. For the most part, you can do whatever you want whenever you want without the grind of classes or study groups or extracurricular activities. Given the stretch ahead of you, it’s a great opportunity pursue what makes you happy, unhindered by set academic obligations. 

For a writing tutor like me, reading a good book is relaxing. 

You might gasp at the thought of even looking at a book, much less picking one up during your academic break. Truth be told, you might come to enjoy it, knowing you can wile away the hours without worrying about making it to your chemistry lab or to a meeting with your math tutor.

Take a look at my holiday reading list (not in any ranked order) for some of my favorite books: 

1. Canada, by Richard Ford

2. A Prayer for Owen Meanie, by John Irving

3. Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami

4. The Ghost Writer, by Phillip Roth

5. Your Deserve Nothing, by Alexander Maksik

6. Pnin, by Vladimir Nabokov

7. The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler.

8. The Hours, by Michael Cunningham

9. The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen

10. Suite Francaise, by Irene Nemirovsky

An added bonus: continuing to read through winter break will keep your brain sharp and prime you to dive back into coursework come January. 

Now, go to your local bookstore or library, grab a book and gear up for a cozy afternoon.

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