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Would you benefit from a needs assessment with our MCAT staff?

Our MCAT staff has seen it all. We've provided needs assessments for all types of MCAT students:

  • first takers
  • second takers
  • students who haven't started studying
  • those who have just completed an MCAT prep course

After learning more about a student's unique set of circumstances, sometimes we recommend that students:

  • schedule a one hour strategy session
  • begin extensive tutoring with one of our MCAT tutors cherry-picked for them
  • continue on the self study route

Call us at (617) 714-5956 for more information.


Why Cambridge Coaching?

  • Award-winning MD and MD/PhD candidates from Harvard, Columbia, Cornell-Weill and NYU with 99th percentile scores on the MCAT
  • Custom-built syllabus based on student strengths and weaknesses
  • A rigorous methodology based on learning technique and content
  • Data tracking and focus on problem areas to get you to your target score faster
  • Score improvement averages that demolish Kaplan and Princeton Review
  • Packages to meet the full gamut of student needs