The Best Free GMAT Resources

56900390Free stuff is the best stuff.

The GMAT is expensive. Really expensive. The test alone is $250, and GMAT coaching can be more expensive. At Cambridge Coaching, we offer a range of options for our private GMAT tutoring in Boston, NYC, and online, so we can accommodate students on a budget. Our rates are among the lowest in the business, but even so, we try to save our clients money whenever we can. Fortunately, some of the best material out there for studying for the GMAT is free, so I wanted to take this time to share some resources that have helped countless students I have worked with succeed on the exam.

Prep material from the makers themselves

GMAC knows best, since they write the test. So it’s great that they offer two free online practice tests along with hundreds of practice questions to help you prepare for the exam.

GMAT flash cards

From a blogging website that connects prospective business school applicants, these flash cards can serve as a quick way to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a more effective study plan.

Reviewing the official guide

Khan Academy is one of the leaders in online education, and has developed a GMAT curriculum to help supplement your prep. See how they approach some of the questions in the official guide in this free online resource.

Diagnostics from business schools

Some business schools offer online diagnostic tests that can help get you started on your GMAT prep. One of the better tests I have found is powered by The Economist and is on Babson’s website. 

These resources are definitely helpful, and free of course, but it is always important to remember that quality of studying is much more important than quantity of studying. Try to develop a study plan that best meets your needs and extracts the largest benefit from each resource you use. But if you’re still struggling, consider calling Cambridge Coaching—our private GMAT tutors always pay off in the end. We offer tutoring in Boston, New York City, and around the world through our sophisticated online whiteboard. Give us a call today, and see how we can help you get where you need to be!

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