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Orgo 1 Strategies: The Power of Bromine in Synthesis

Posted by Andrew on 7/10/17 5:49 PM

Whether you’re trying to accomplish a substitution or elimination in your synthetic scheme, there’s no getting around that a good leaving group must be involved. You’ll have a host of ways to introduce leaving groups by your final exam. Some reagents will invert chiral centers (e.g. SOCl2/pyridine, PBr3) in the process, and others won’t. 

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How do I Succeed as an ESL International Student? 8 Essential Solutions

Posted by Andrew on 12/28/16 4:10 PM

The Problem

You find yourself entering your first semester as a graduate student in New York City. For all the hard work reading, writing, and taking entrance exams, you still feel anxious and alienated from your native English speaking peers. Social mixers loom large. Prospects for networking with faculty appear out of reach. It’s as if you gained VIP access to your favorite play only to discover the actors cancelled the show….

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! According to the Journal of Counseling and Development, you and your fellow international students not only experience language barriers, you also contend with “culture shock, social adjustment, and homesickness.” And how can you not? It’s one thing to simply study and keep your head in your books until you cross the graduation “finish line.” It’s quite a different thing to expand your social networks, earn recognition from faculty, and expose yourself to enriching experiences within and beyond classroom walls.

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