Essential GRE Verbal Strategies with Examples

Posted by Songhoon on 4/19/19 5:20 PM

Some people may think that the LSAT and GRE have nothing in common.  In actuality, there are many strategies from the LSAT that can be transferred to the GRE verbal.  As someone who has not only taught the LSAT and the GRE for years, but speak English as a second language, I have a unique perspective on verbal test taking strategies.  You may think it would be impossible for me to out-perform native speakers in the verbal section, but I received a perfect score of 170 in both sections of the exam.  I did this by deploying a few strategies, as outlined in my synopsis!

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Dear LSAT taker: if you are hurting, read this

Posted by Preston on 4/17/19 4:43 PM

One morning in November 2016, I sat on a 36 Broadway bus heading southbound towards the downtown loop. It was a cold morning in Chicago, sometime around 4:45 a.m. The bus was empty, save the bus driver and me. I was three months into LSAT preparation, a process (for reasons unknown to God and Man) I took on while working a full-time job at a law firm. I was listening to the same “Motivational” playlist that I created when I started taking a full LSAT practice test every morning before work, but that morning, I had already heard the tracks too many times for them to do any “motivating.” The tracks were tired. So was I. And as I sat there in my work clothes, pouring over my PT from the prior morning to fill myself with some inspired thought that would push me through the scoring plateau I was in, I started to cry.

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How to Reason Through LSAT Problems as an ESL Learner

Posted by Songhoon on 4/15/19 8:17 PM

Let me begin this introduction by admitting to something that I think no other student newly admitted to Harvard Law School’s JD Program would admit to: I find English incredibly hard.

I am a U.S. Citizen who was born in and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve lived there for over 20 years and Korean has been my native language my entire life. I was in Chinook Middle School’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Program until 8th grade. Now, thanks to reading The New York Times every day since 8th grade (I didn’t have too many friends back then, as it should be obvious by now), I was able to significantly improve over the years.

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Behind the Scenes of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Posted by Graham VS on 4/10/19 5:42 PM

This month, we interview Graham, who gives us a brief tour of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Graham is an MD MBA student at Vanderbilt University and Harvard University. He graduated from Harvard Business School in May 2018 and will be applying for a medical Residency this fall. Prior to his postgraduate studies, Graham graduated from MIT in 2012 as member of the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society (the Engineering Equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa) with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. While at MIT, Graham was selected to be a Burchard Scholar (30 MIT students who have demonstrated excellence in the humanities, arts, or social sciences) and worked in the lab of Professors Michael Cima and Robert Langer developing microelectromechanical systems for drug delivery. In addition to his time in the classroom and at the lab bench, Graham completed multiple internships with boutique investment banking firms, the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), International Business Machines (IBM), and most recently McKinsey and Company.

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5 Important Things to Remember When Applying to Medical School

Posted by Faiz on 4/8/19 6:30 PM

Almost every day during the medical school application process, I thought to myself ‘I wish I had considered X earlier’ or ‘It would have been nice if someone had told me to do Y beforehand’. The process can be long, exhausting, and can seem like a daunting prospect to future applicants. Below, I have listed 5 things that I believe can enhance and destress an application experience if executed possibly.  Some things may seem obvious and others unconventional, but I think this (non-exhaustive) list will help you assemble an application the most fully represents your merits as a future physician.

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An Insider's Scoop on the Top 5 Law Schools of 2019

Posted by Martha C. on 4/5/19 5:43 PM

 No two ways about it: getting into one of the top 5 law schools in the United States is extremely challenging.  Your candidacy is a culmination of the hard work you put forward for academics (aka GPA), the hours you dedicated to preparing for the LSAT, and the most salient experiences that pushed you to want to be a lawyer.

Though the top 5 law schools aren't for everyone, if you have your heart set on one of the best, you should know which school or schools make the most sense for your numbers and long term goals as a lawyer. 

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What is Going on in NY Specialized High Schools? The SHSAT Explained

Posted by Martha C. on 4/3/19 8:25 PM

You may have read in recent news that the stakes for the New York City specialized high school admissions are very high.  At the center of this heated discussion is a little known test named the SHSAT -- a standardized test that is designed to assess middle school curriculum content mastery for students entering these high schools.  Being local to New York and a company that has taught many middle schoolers in this city since 2012, we thought it timely to put out a quick run-down of this test.

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Tutor Spotlight: Meet Mugdha, Amazing Harvard MD!

Posted by Martha C. on 4/1/19 5:44 PM

This week, we're spotlighting Mugdha, one of our Harvard Medical School MDs.

When Mugdha was nine years old, she successfully attempted her first surgery—on a beloved teddy bear who desperately needed a re-stuffing. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. She is an M.D. candidate at Harvard Medical School (Class of 2022) with a passion for public health and women’s health. Mugdha completed both a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (Science and Technology Honors) and a Masters of Public Health (concentration in Health Behavior) in 2018 with a GPA of 4.0 in both degrees. She was awarded the Outstanding Woman Award, Outstanding Neuroscience Student Award, and Outstanding Student- College of Arts and Sciences Award at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She spent three years working in a behavioral neurobiology lab studying circadian rhythms, but also spent an ample amount of time working in health policy advocacy and student government. Mugdha served as the student body president of her undergraduate institution and developed a passion for campus leadership and service.

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FAQs on the Medical School Admissions Process

Posted by Martha C. on 3/27/19 5:20 PM

So: you’ve decided to apply to medical school.  You’ve completed all of your premedical requirements, prepared for the MCAT, and have slogged back and forth from your research gig.  The application should be easy by comparison, right?

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3 Ways to Empathize with the Writers of Standardized Tests for Exam Day Success

Posted by Zack G. on 3/25/19 9:55 AM

Hey everyone -- I'm Zack, an experienced GMAT and SAT tutor at Cambridge Coaching.  I'm excited to use it to share some key tips with you about making the most of your standardized testing experience. Here are 3 key tips that I have for you that apply for almost any standardized exam, whether it's SAT, GMAT, or whatever else you might be studying. 

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