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Why Being Smart Won't Lead To Academic Success

Posted by Anahid Modrek on 5/25/15 11:00 AM

Self-discipline is a balancing act.

Many bright, intelligent, ambitious students have crossed my path throughout my years as a one-on-one academic tutor. Sometimes these students’ parents are confused as to why they don’t seem to be getting the grades they should be getting, or why they aren’t as successful as they are very well capable of being.

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How to Build a Career Around Helping People

Posted by Anahid Modrek on 5/1/15 10:30 AM

What does the fox say?

More often than not, young adolescents, and even established adults, find themselves torn when committing to a specific career path, especially one as expensive and arduous as higher education. This is a common dilemma which can be experienced during any stage of career development – a high school student working with an admissions consultant on what college to apply early decision to, an undergraduate struggling to pick a major, or an adult in the labor market looking to get back into school and applying to a graduate program.

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