How Sherlock helped me ace my MCAT!

Posted by Calvin C. on 1/8/21 12:00 PM

If you’re a fan of BBC’s Sherlock or have devoured Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, you’re probably wishing you had the memory prowess of Holmes, and not Watson. At least I sure did when I began my MCAT journey. Sherlock’s seemingly inhuman ability to recall even the most obscure details derives from a Roman legend about the poet Simonides of Ceos, who retraced his steps through a collapsed dining hall to identify unrecognizable guests who had been crushed during the incident. 

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How to send a cold email for research or shadowing in 5 easy steps

Posted by James Zh. on 11/30/20 1:20 PM

It can be daunting to reach out to a professor or doctor you’ve never met and ask to work with them or shadow them in a clinic. In this post, I’ve outlined how I like to approach cold-emailing research and clinical faculty, usually to great success.

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Mnemonics for memory: your MCAT best friend

Posted by Johnny P. on 11/30/20 12:17 PM

Anyone who has studied for the MCAT will tell you: there is A LOT to learn. At times, learning new information about your own body can feel pretty rewarding. Other times, the sheer magnitude of information you are responsible for can feel quite overwhelming. At its best, conquering content related to the MCAT should feel like an ambitious challenge: something that is definitely possible, but will take hard work.

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Want to save hundreds of dollars and precious hours? Don’t retake the MCAT.

Posted by Samantha P. on 11/23/20 1:58 PM

Everything about the MCAT is stressful, from creating a study plan to fine-tuning your test strategies. And then there’s the day of reckoning when you take the exam. If that’s not enough, perhaps the most stressful day is score report day. After working so hard for so many months towards the exciting and honorable goal of attending medical school, it can be crushing to score lower than expected. If that’s the case, you may be asking yourself: “Is this enough? Should I take it again?”

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What is Anki and how it transforms your MCAT studying

Posted by Shelly T. on 11/16/20 2:07 PM

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably never taken a strong liking to flashcards. Sure, I used the occasional Quizlet, but it always felt mundane and ineffective. Then I heard about an application called Anki. And let me tell you, it has completely changed the efficacy of my studying. So here’s my guide for how you can use Anki to study for the MCAT.

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Pituitary Gland Hormones Made Simple!

Posted by Elizabeth R. on 9/18/20 8:37 AM

What is the pituitary gland?

Even though the pituitary gland is about the size of a pea, it plays a very important role in regulating a lot of our body’s endocrine functions. Located in an area known as the sella turcica at the base of the brain and suspended from the hypothalamus by a stalk, the pituitary gland consists of two parts: the anterior/front lobe (which accounts for the majority of the pituitary gland’s weight), and the posterior/back lobe.

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How to memorize the amino acids (and not have your brain explode while doing it)

Posted by Tania F. on 8/30/20 11:26 AM

There comes a time in the life of any pre-med when they realize that, yes, they will actually have to memorize all 20 amino acids. Whether it’s for your biochemistry course or the MCAT (absolutely mandatory for the MCAT!), memorizing the amino acids can seem like an impossible task.

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MCAT Prep: First Steps to a long-term study plan

Posted by Humza Z. on 7/28/20 9:09 AM

A common misconception about the MCAT is that you should only start studying several months to a year before your expected exam date. In reality, some MCAT skills may benefit from a more gradual approach, over the course of months or years. Even a few minutes every day can add up over a long period of time and prepare you to ace the MCAT on test day.

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The one major difference between how high scorers and low scorers study

Posted by Dhruv P. on 7/22/20 11:27 AM

There are many differences between high and low scorers on the MCAT. Many of these differences are difficult to address: reading background, experience with experimental design, and test taking abilities to name a few. However, there is one consistent, notable difference in strategy. I call this strategy mistake analysis.

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Making use of MCAT practice tests: it’s not just about learning content!

Posted by Mandy S. on 7/18/20 10:00 AM

Taking practice tests is a key step in your MCAT preparation, but many students don’t realize everything that goes into preparing to take the test and reviewing the test afterward. Reviewing the test is one of the most essential steps you can take in your MCAT prep work. After sitting through a grueling 7 hours of science and verbal comprehension, it can be tough to imagine doing anything except binge watching Netflix and eating a bowl of ice cream. Although breaks in your study schedule are good to incorporate, it is important to keep in mind that the biggest bang for your buck from practice tests comes from seeing where you went wrong and making a plan for how to avoid those mistakes later on. Follow my guide below for taking and reviewing a practice test!

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