4 Excel Quick Tips to Navigate Data Faster

Posted by Enrique on 8/5/19 11:00 AM

"Give it to me in Excel." There's a high probability that you've heard this phrase in school, at work, or from someone that needs data. Excel has made it tremendously easy to sift through data and make it more interpretable. The vast majority of users in the business world use Excel, so it pays to be well-versed in this powerful tool. During my time working in the finance industry, I found Excel invaluable, and I committed these tips to muscle memory. I learned that these shortcuts helped me save a tremendous amount of time.

So, let's jump right to it! Here are 4 Excel quick tips to help you navigate data faster.

Note: These keyboard shortcuts apply to Windows computers.

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Best Practices for Market Sizing for Case Interviews: Part 3

Posted by Ryan Ripp on 3/26/18 6:50 PM

So far in our series of Casing 101 blogs, we have reviewed structuring the problem via an initial framework and navigating case math. In this edition, we will cover another problem-solving exercise that is common in case interviews: market sizing. At first, market sizing may seem daunting – how can we possibly estimate the number of televisions sold annually in Boston, for example? But once you learn the technique and get comfortable making certain assumptions, you will find that it’s actually an area where well-prepared candidates can differentiate themselves.

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Five Key Strategies: GMAT and GRE

Posted by Ben B. on 5/9/16 9:30 AM

Whether you're deciding to take the GMAT or the GRE, or you're merely weeks away from your test day, it is easy to get caught up in the tedious bits of advice that every blog, manual, and friend has to offer.  These five key strategies will help ground your long-term testing goals:

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How Can I Stand Out As a Business Major? Creative Writing!

Posted by Adrienne Raphel on 9/23/15 10:00 AM


It's fun to stand out!

You’re not just any old business major: you’re an innovator. But how do you learn how to disrupt while you’re taking classes that are teaching you all the rules you need to know? Business majors can often get a bad rep for taking cookie-cutter classes that don’t prepare students for the actual business world. That’s why some of the best preparation for business might be far, far away from the business school. Future business leaders need to learn how to improvise and think creatively, but they also need to know how to express themselves eloquently.

One great field you can explore to expand your horizons as an aspiring entrepreneur is creative writing. Here are three reasons why business majors and other tycoons in the making should try their hands at fiction and poetry:

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Business School Admissions: You Got In! Now What?

Posted by Greg Page on 12/6/13 8:47 AM

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Business School Admissions: An MBA is Only as Good as Your Plans For It

Posted by Math Mechanic on 2/6/13 9:10 AM

Higher education is getting bad reviews lately. National media lament the high costs and seemingly low returns of advanced degrees – even those that have traditionally stapled a higher paycheck to one’s diploma (metaphorically).

Business schools in particular are criticized for this seeming disconnect. Various traditional career outlets are shrinking their hiring pools or turning a blind eye to expensive MBA applicants altogether. Meanwhile, examples abound of drop-outs earning billions of dollars in romanticized entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Does success on the GMAT predict success in MBA classes?

Posted by Math Mechanic on 12/18/12 1:09 PM

Most business schools have a core curriculum that is heavily tilted toward quantitative subjects.

Nearly all schools require graduating students to be proficient in basic finance, accounting, economics, and statistics, for example.  Many MBAs often speculate that a student’s GMAT score is highly correlated with his or her GPA once at business school. Though this theory seems merited in many respects, it has limitations. However, weighing these counterpoints against affirming evidence, it is clear that MBA applicants must take GMAT preparation seriously not only to gain acceptance to an elite business school, but also to succeed academically once there.

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Business School Admissions: A Great GMAT Score Pays Dividends

Posted by Math Mechanic on 12/10/12 9:30 AM

Most MBA applicants put considerable emphasis on their GMAT preparation in order to get into the best schools.

Though the GMAT score is an important aspect of the application, it is just one part of a person’s overall “story” in business school admissions; a great score will not guarantee access to a great school. However, success on the GMAT has additional benefits unrelated to admission. MBA hopefuls should be aware of these continuing “dividends,” and keep them in mind as additional motivators when preparing for the test.

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