How to determine if an acid is strong or weak on the DAT

Posted by Carlos Th. on 8/11/20 11:42 AM

As someone studying for the DAT, you’ve seen this common problem before: which molecule is the stronger acid? When assessing the strength of an acid, the most important thing to look at is not the acid itself but its conjugate base. The guiding principle is the more stable the conjugate base A- the stronger its corresponding acid HA.

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Studying for the DAT in the age of COVID-19

Posted by Madison H. on 4/22/20 11:36 AM

As many of us are finishing our fifth or sixth weeks of social distancing, the question becomes: what to do now? After getting into a more consistent at-home study schedule, I’ve realized that the key to a more productive mindset is thinking more along the lines of “what can I do with this time,” rather than “what am I missing out on with this time.” What better way to use our new abundance of time than to get ahead with studying for the Dental Admission Test?

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How to Choose DAT Study Resources

Posted by Grace on 6/29/18 5:15 PM

The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is a standardized examination required for admission into dental school comprised of four sections: survey of the natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning. Although it can be a daunting test to master, choosing the appropriate resources to maximize efficiency and comprehension while studying can greatly alleviate the stress that naturally comes with standardized test taking. Some programs such as Kaplan and Princeton Review offer an online course with live review and feedback sessions from certified instructors. If you prefer to self-study like me, however, there are multiple other resources out there to cover the material necessary to ace the DAT. In this blog post, I will be detailing my personal study resources for the DAT and how I used a combination of resources to emphasize their respective strengths.

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How to Prepare for Dental School: Prerequisites & the DAT

Posted by Aida on 12/18/17 5:52 PM

Congratulations! You have successfully identified that you want to join the exciting field of dentistry and begin preparing for dental school. You will be joining a community of healthcare professionals that care about their community’s oral health and general well-being. It’s truly a rewarding career that will offer your many opportunities to grow a as a professional and as an individual.

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