Mindfulness meditation for SAT success

Posted by Bryan P. on 3/19/21 12:00 PM

When you take the SAT, you’re really taking two tests in one. The first is the test you know (and probably strongly dislike). The second test is an internal challenge: you have to manage your mind, stress, and emotions. You might know everything about math, reading, and writingbut if you can’t master the inner test, you won’t get that score you want.

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How to study for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and SSAT

Posted by Brian J. on 10/8/20 9:05 AM

Study actively, not passively.

In order for your brain to truly remember something, you must make your brain work. Reading your textbook or class notes is a good start, but studying actively will always improve your memory (and your scores). Try answering questions out loud or writing down answers as you go along to make your studying a more active process.

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How do I get started studying for the SSAT?

Posted by Graham VS on 5/13/19 9:54 PM

Studying for the SSAT, like any other standardized test, has a cadence and flow to it.  One of the most common questions parents and students often ask me about the exam is “How do we get started?” The answer to this question, simple as it is, is never the same. Every student is unique – we all are! Each of us learns, retains, and applies information in different ways. While I may learn vocabulary best by reviewing stems lists, you may appreciate a deeper application of words in context.

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How to Choose for your Child: SSAT or ISEE?

Posted by Martha C. on 1/9/19 4:14 PM

Applying to a private high school is similar in many ways to applying to a college, especially with college preparatory schools.  One thing is for sure: the process can be extremely daunting. The high school admissions process includes the application form, recommendation letters, a transcript, a tour of the school, an interview, a day of classes, and (perhaps most terrifying of all) several standardized tests.

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The SSAT Tutor: How Preparing for the SSAT Prepares You for the SAT

Posted by Helena Fitzgerald on 4/30/14 9:42 AM

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Standardized Test Preparation: Fine-Tune your Process

Posted by College Corner on 4/17/13 12:07 PM

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SAT Tutoring: A Few Strategies to Tackle SAT Reading Comprehension

Posted by Michelle Chiu on 2/25/13 9:29 AM

Some students find that the SAT reading comprehension questions are some of the most difficult parts to prepare for on the exam. However, it does not have to be so daunting! Whether you are working with an SAT tutor, PSAT tutor or SSAT tutor, our approach to reading comprehension will help you tackle any text-based set of questions.

Here are some SAT tutor-tested strategies that will help you to tackle the questions that are passage-based.

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Ready to Do Some Standardized Test Preparation Over the Holidays?

Posted by The Standarized Test Insider on 12/11/12 9:31 AM

While holidays are certainly a time for most of us to wind down from a busy work or school year and spend time with family and friends, the holidays can also be the best time to complete some standardized test preparation. 

With the right discipline and schedule, the focused student can find a way to knock out a couple of good hours of test preparation each day during a holiday break (whether that break is a week long or over a month long) and still get to relax and hang out with friends and family. In fact, for many college students, in particular, they are given a month or more break during the winter holiday.  While that is nice, many of these students find themselves bored out of their skulls.  

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Building Vocabulary for Test Preparation

Posted by College Corner on 12/7/12 10:36 AM

As a veteran tutor for test prep in New York, one of the biggest problems students have  – whether it’s for PSAT, SAT, or GRE – is in increasing their vocabulary. 

When you do it right, this knowledge can help with every single section of the verbal and critical reading components of these tests.  But when left to the last minute, students are very quick to realize it’s something you simply can’t cram for. And possibly more than any other requirement of any standardized test out there, learning to do well with vocabulary has the potential to benefit you for the rest of your life – so take it seriously! With this in mind, I try to get all of my students to adopt the following practices into their daily routines to build vocab for test day painlessly.

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The SSAT: Private School Admission & The SAT’s Younger Brother

Posted by Sophie Pauze on 6/7/12 10:43 AM

 I. What is the SSAT and why does it matter to me?

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