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How to Get Involved in a G.O.P Healthcare System

Posted by Anna M on 3/13/17 6:05 PM

Two months ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of pre-health students getting involved in political advocacy and offered several different ideas for how pre-health organizations could generate momentum around campus, whether through phone banking, op-eds, or a town hall. Now, an alternative to the Affordable Care Act (called the American Health Care Act) has been proposed--and cleared two House committees this week--and the time for healthcare advocacy is even more urgent.

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A Time of Despair or a Time of Action? Future Health Care Professionals as Political Advocates

Posted by Anna M on 1/23/17 6:17 PM

“I’m asking you to believe--not in my ability to create change, but in yours.” ~Barack Obama, Farewell Address, January 11, 2017

In the wake of Trump’s election and serious threats to the Affordable Care Act, many health professionals are working to organize and advocate for equitable access to health care, women’s reproductive rights, and more. As a student dreaming of a career in the health profession, it’s never too early to get involved or spearhead some efforts of your own. We need all hands on deck!

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Tips for Managing Stress at School: Start with Self Care

Posted by Anna M on 10/7/16 6:00 PM

We've covered a wide range of territory in the past 4 months, from developing skills in mindfulness-based stress reduction to fine-tuning our routines, diets, and athletic activities for optimal academic success. What results from this potpourri of advice and ideals can be, paradoxically, a sense of pressure to strike the perfect balance in our lives, attaining good grades without sacrificing our physical health, our time with friends, or our space for self reflection. Many high-achieving students are driven by a sense of perfectionism that can feel overwhelming, so how can we best harness it? While still achieving the big dreams that we have?

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