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The SAT Tutor: How Do I Choose Which Subject Tests to Take?

Posted by Claire Salant on 4/3/15 10:00 AM

King Solomon tries to decide which SAT Subject Test to take.

It’s a glorious time of year for high school juniors, with SAT and ACT tests wrapping up and spring break right around the corner. But just as you’re are getting ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief over your vacations, you have to face yet another round of standardized tests for college admissions: SAT Subject tests.

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The SAT Tutor: The Art of Flashcards

Posted by Claire Salant on 3/9/15 11:30 AM

Get ready to accelerate your SAT vocab learning.

When you think of SAT vocabulary, certain words come to mind, but there are two that jump out: “challenging” and “omnipresent.” The vocabulary on the SAT is difficult, and it’s everywhere. Though at first glance the test has only a handful of fill-in-the-blank vocabulary questions, there are many questions about vocabulary throughout the reading comprehension section as well. And they’re not just about words in the text you can pick from context clues either—there are vocabulary questions about tone and style, and sometimes, the tough vocabulary is inside the question itself! So if you’re a student preparing for the SAT, you have to ask yourself: how do I actually study vocabulary?

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SAT Tutor: 4 Vital Rules for Beating the SAT Essay

Posted by Claire Salant on 2/23/15 12:15 PM

You don’t have to be a robot to write the SAT essay, but it helps.

The SAT essay asks students to break down a ludicrously broad philosophical question and come up with both a specific point of view, expressed through a  structurally-perfect, well-written essay—and all in just 25 minutes. As an SAT writing tutor in New York, I find that to many of my students this seems impossible. How can they come up with a persuasive argument, convincing evidence, and then write an entire essay in less than half a typical class period? In less time than a TV episode of “Community” about a class period?

The answer is simple: The SAT essay is not like any other kind of writing you’ve ever done before. It’s not a school test, state test, or an AP test; it’s in a category all by itself. While other in-class essays and standardized test essays will help you, you need to know both the rules of the test and the tricks of the trade in order to write the essay in the time allotted.


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The Math Tutor: How Geometry Can Help You to Improve at Proving

Posted by Claire Salant on 2/2/15 11:00 AM

If you’re taking a Geometry class, chances are that you’ve spent the last couple of months learning about proofs (and if you haven’t gotten there yet, you will soon). Proofs are something students either love or hate, but mostly they love to hate them. Why, they often ask me, are we learning how to do this? How is this relevant to anything?

I’m here to tell you that Geometry proofs are one of the best lessons you’ll ever have—about writing. Many of my advanced math tutoring students in New York think that these two subjects are totally separate, that they are either a math or an English person and never the twain shall meet, but the truth is that there is a lot of overlap. The proof is in, well, the Proof.

What Geometry Proofs Can Teach About Writing an Essay Outline

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Study Skills: How to Get the Most from Middle School

Posted by Claire Salant on 11/24/14 2:23 PM

Irony being that anyone who actually watched Boy Meets World hasn't been in middle school for a long time

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PSAT Tutor: How to Use the PSAT to Choose Between ACT and SAT

Posted by Claire Salant on 11/7/14 9:30 AM

There's a better way to choose whether to take the SAT or the ACT

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