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How To Prep For the MCAT As A Full Time Student

Posted by Connor on 2/7/18 5:38 PM

The hardest part of studying for the MCAT isn’t the studying itself. Given enough time, most people could study enough to do reasonably well. The problem is, most of us don’t have all that time: the majority of MCAT preppers are in college or work full time jobs. Both of these commitments are enough on their own, so trying to stack studying for the hardest graduate school entrance test in the country on top of that is a tall order. It’s not something one can head into blindly. Thankfully, there are several organizational strategies that can help the full time student or professional study for the MCAT in their off time.

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Mindfulness and the MCAT: 3 Steps to Avoiding Burnout

Posted by Connor on 1/12/18 3:41 PM

Pre-Med students are no strangers to stress. From Physics midterms, to O-Chem lab reports, to the inevitable march into finals week, you have plenty of experience juggling assignments and managing that cortical response of your brain saying, Yeah, this is a little too much. Stress itself isn’t the problem. In fact, after a certain point it shows up like an old friend or colleague, one whose company you don’t necessarily look forward to but who helps you focus nonetheless.

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CARS: Proven Strategies for the MCAT’s Strangest Section

Posted by Connor on 10/11/17 6:43 PM

As a premed student, you’re likely comfortable with science questions. Even if you don’t know all the material, you’ve had plenty of practice answering experimental and knowledge-based questions, and generally know how to approach them. That experience will serve you well in the bulk of the MCAT.

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