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How to Use Your ACT Scores to Bucket Your College List

Posted by Danielle L. on 8/1/16 9:30 PM

Yes, you can apply to 50+ schools and every year, there are students that do. However, if you build a strong college list there is no need to exhaust yourself by applying to too many schools. I always recommend students prepare a list of nine to twelve schools. Personally, I think nine is plenty but I understand the security that comes with submitting twelve applications. When thinking of your list, it’s best to be honest with yourself and place schools into three categories; reach, match, and likely. I recommend having three schools in each category, thus nine applications, but I know that some students do prefer to have four to five match schools. Below, I shared a breakdown of how to determine if a school is a Reach, Match, or Likely based on your ACT scores (one of many factors to consider when building a list.) To construct the strongest possible list, I recommend consulting a College Coach through Cambridge Coaching or scheduling an appointment with your Guidance Counselor at school.

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