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The GMAT Tutor: Beware of Unforced Errors on the Quantitative Section

Posted by Eric Lanser on 1/28/15 7:30 PM

 Trying very hard to avoid those unforced errors. 

In tennis, an unforced error is defined as a missed shot that a player should have made using only “ordinary effort.” In other words, the player missed an easy shot—probably because he was tense from the game! On the GMAT quantitative section, I define unforced errors any question (simple questions, usually) that the student could have easily gotten correct. As a GMAT data reasoning tutor in Manhattan, I’ve often run into this issue with my students. Today I’ll walk you through an example of an unforced error, in hopes that you’ll be more diligent with preventing them yourself. 

Consider this example problem:

 Question: A circle with diameter 2 is placed inside a square such that the four sides of the square are tangential to the circle at their midpoints.  What is the total area outside the circle, but inside the square?                     

A) 16 - 4π

B) 16 - 2π

C) 8 - π

D) 4 - 2π

E) 4 – π

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