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Equations Guide for the MCAT: Your Key to Success

Posted by Farees on 4/10/17 9:00 AM

Equations are a MCAT test taker’s best friend, yet many students are afraid of them. They are powerful tools because they encapsulate a huge amount of information in a tiny package that you can easily memorize. They’re not everything—you still need to learn loads of conceptual information and facts to do well, but understanding how to use them is the most direct way to improving your score on the science section if you’re encountering general problems.

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An MCAT Tutor's Steps to Verbal Success

Posted by Farees on 4/3/17 6:19 PM

All the way back in high school, I got a perfect score on the critical reading portion of the SAT. In college, I got a perfect score on the verbal section of the old MCAT. The point is that what is tested on the verbal section of the MCAT is the quintessential “test-taker” skill that has to be developed at some point through practice and self-reflection. Once you have it, you’ll be able to use it again and again in every standardized exam you’ll take over your career. If you’re lacking in this area, time to hit the verbal gym ASAP!

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